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Major Earthquake 53km NNE of Amberley, New Zealand. Tsunami also reported

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Local news saying it was 6.6, but USGS is reporting it at 7.8


Updates at the link below


Live: 6.6 magnitude earthquake shakes Hanmer Springs







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Another day in the life of a country on the Pacific rim of fire.

By the time i was 10 i had been in an earthquake or two, gone to the beach along with hundreds of others to watch a tiny tsunami arrive, and been picked up by a mini tornado, carried about 75 yds in the air in front of very stressed parents, and dumped back down on the sand. Its called a whirly whirly in NZ and you get them a lot in the summer over the hot sand of the beaches.

So living in the PI is just like home for me.

My Dad was sitting on the toilet once when an earthquake hit the house. He said it was like a truck ran into the house just outside the loo. He was thrown onto the floor.

Our school football pitch started off a level playing field when they first built the school. After a few years one half was about 6 inches higher than the other. It was right on the fault line!!

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Just got sent this snippet from a school friend in NZ


So there was a Tsunami on Monday morning in Kaikoura 25 minutes after the quake. It was 2.5 metres high and fortunately it was low tide.

A reasonable wave......

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My Mum and Dad felt it in Hamilton and it knocked couple of things off my sisters shelf - thats 550km north of the epicentre.


It was a very strong quake - extremely unusual to feel one in Hamilton.


At least one office building will have to be demolished in Wellington due to quake damage, several others need major repairs.


Kaikoura area devastated, coastal roads blocked by slips and ruptures.


Main rupture zone has a lateral slip of some 10 metres, sea floor has risen some 2.5m around Kaikoura.


Probably NZ$2 Billion in damages - lot of money to find after the Christchurch rebuild which is still ongoing.

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