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Home or away ?

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I do not know if this is worth doing a survey, poll on ,,, but we had a month in the Philippines, Cebu a few months ago. We had not been back to the Philippines for five years and my wife really enjoyed seeing her family ect. My wife is,, how to put this ,, amorous, most of the time and we have special cuddles three or for time a week when we are in Australia, and most time I only need to beg for a short period of time ,, an hour tops..lol  ,,, For the whole time we where in the Cebu, she would  attack me every night and most mornings without fail,, even if I  did not come to bed for an hour or more after her and had been drinking with the boys ,, bang,( pun intended ) there was no escape.. So my question is, for those of you that live in another country other than the Philippines and have a Filipino wife of course, do you find that when you bring her home for a visit, do the " special cuddles " spike up, drop down, or stay the same as when you are living away from the Philippines ???  

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TMI mate lol


I also found that i got more cuddles whilst away.


I believe that the weather has a lot to do with it - over here ( sunny Melbourne ) the nights are cold, and the mrs is normally dressed head to toe in layers of fleece and polyester. She aint getting undressed for any reason!!


Whilst away, its steaming hot, and we generally sleep nude, which gets us both in the mood for cuddles.


The other reason is that whilst away she wants me to get as many cuddles from her so there is no risk of me cuddling someone else ( since i become and instant movie star with women throwing themselves at me as soon as i step off the plane )

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