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"Stink" Fish--Wonder if this Would Work?

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My wife, like most transplanted filipinos, I suppose, misses her "stink" fish.

Me, of course, not so much, BUT, I would like for her to be able to partake of it if at all possible.

Tried to get her to eat sardines, but that doesn't work.

This morning while we're talking about this, and thinking those things are nothing but bait fish, the thought came that maybe visiting any local bait/tackle shop

we could buy some bait fish that would suffice.

Has anyone living in a coastal area thought of, or tried this?

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What fish do you mean by "stink fish"? Bangus? Dried dangit?


And I personally wouldn't trust the hygiene at a bait shop.



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Well here in Florida,I used to throw back pin fish,but wife won.t let me now.

I think they do sell them on bait shops

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Can't you get dried fish at an Asian market in Florida? Anybody who has seen the conditions in which the fish are dried wouldn't be too concerned about the hygiene in a bait shop. The reason it stinks is that it has been allowed to dry in the sun (generally with no protection from flies). It stinks because it is rotten.

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If rotten, it was not dried properly. When I lived in Delaware the wife would join her fellow fish eaters from Korea, Philippines, and Thailand, and go fishing in the many little parks in Dover. I saw her clean them, but never noticed her cooking them. one day I decided to check the pilot light on our oven. When I opened the door, there were 4 racks of fish in there drying from the pilot light, AND NO SMELL OF FISH!

They were actually good and no fish smell.

A food dehydrator might also work.

I have 2 nieces in Florida, and never heard them complain of no dried fish, plenty of Asia stores in bigger towns.

I will PM them tomorrow where they live and get their fish from.

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