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There were many Brave Medics who never fired  a shot and like ''Simpson and his Donkey''  at Gallipoli...25 April until he was killed in action on 19 May.


Simpson became famous for his work as a stretcher-bearer. Using one of the donkeys brought in for carrying water, he transported wounded men day and night from the fighting in Monash Valley to the beach on Anzac Cove. He did so, according to Charles Bean, through "deadly sniping down the valley and the most furious shrapnel fire". He was killed by machine-gun fire while carrying two wounded men and was buried on the beach at Hell Spit.


He was denied the Victoria Cross or Bravery Award, but was ''Mentioned in Dispatches'' for gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy.....and the RSPCA in May 1997 posthumously awarded it's Purple Cross to the donkey Murphy for performing outstanding acts of bravery towards humans.




In these amazing 24 days he was to rescue over 300 men down the notorious Ms officers:

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Little know fact outside of Marine Corps - we don't have our own medics - they are actually Navy  personnel assigned to us.


They do go through a 7 week abbreviated Marine style boot camp -  also highly regarded and fiercely protected  by us.

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Doc Chase

yeah the marines don't have medics, we protect them.  Navy Corpsman, and to call a corpsman a medic is the same as calling a marine a soldier.

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same as calling a marine a soldier.


Which goes over like a lead balloon...

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                   Politicians giving themselves the spotlight.


How does it go...

                           An Officer & Gentleman  'by act of congress only'  (in many instances).

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