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So, for a while now, I have been ordering, and using these little DPDT (Double Pole, Double Throw) relays, and their associated sockets, for various projects I have come up with. 


PYF08A Socket Base_&_Relay.jpg


Over time, I have become so used to using either 230vac, or 12vdc / 24vdc energized coils, depending on the project I am working on. Recently, I wanted to build an automatic switch that would turn off both water pumps, in the event of a low sump water level. I found some relays and sockets, and quickly ordered them - without putting much thought into them. 


Fast forward three weeks. Received relays and sockets by mail. All in apparent good condition.


I wired everything up, plugged in the circuit to the mains, and manually operated the water level switch. Nothing. No relay movement, nothing. I just sat here, scratching my head, while I tried to figure out why the circuit wasn't working. I even broke out the multimeter to check continuity on the float switch. I also checked for DC voltage output on the power supply feeding the coil. All good. 


Took me about two hours to realize I had ordered the wrong relay (one with a 230vac coil, rather than a 12vdc coil), in the relay socket. :D


In my defense, the writing for the coil voltages is quite small.

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