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Warning: LBC Shipping Cart

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I emailed LBC Shipping Cart last week asking why there were no photographs of the items delivered to their warehouse by Amazon and asking them to explain how they came up with a chargeable weight of 25lbs for couple of small toys that weigh less than 7lbs....


Anyway - it appears LBC Shipping Cart have stopped providing photos of the items delivered by Amazon and stopped unpacking them and repacking them efficiently for onward shipping...


Their reply was:



"Thank you for using Shipping Cart.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


Upon checking tracking number XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is already in your storage.


Please be informed that we're currently running a test on how we process your incoming packages from Amazon.com.


This test will include taking a photo of your packing list (instead of a photo of your item/s), which is printed by Amazon.com and included in your package before they deliver it to your Shipping Cart address.


By doing so, we hope to get your goods to show in your cart faster by minimizing the time we need to process them. At the same time we still provide you visibility on what was delivered to your Shipping Cart address from Amazon.


Please see link below:




With regard to the dimensions of your item, we'll escalate this to the warehouse for checking.


we apologize for the inconvenience."

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They go with the linear weight of the item or the real weight whichever is higher.

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