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Crimes And Murder Involving Foreigners In The Philippines

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Perhaps I am reading this incorrectly. Are you suggesting that. "Cheap hitman" is a solution to some sort of dispute? Seems like a suggestion that would lead to another story for the OP to add to this list.

Murder and kidnapping are no disputes.


Why would you follow the law when it cannot protect you?


By the way, who is "we"?

People who can afford it, as opposed to people who cannot.

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bahalina buong

Can you give examples to back up your contention that those of us who don't feel threatened here, don't have any other options?

You seem to have that backwards, and have incorrectly paraphrased me.  Those that have no other options tend to delude themselves of the dangers here.  Why wouldn't they?  Not sure why you took offense, unless the shoe fits.   

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Thanks all, great points of view for folks living or moving here.

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