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Building a Small Lobster Hatchery here in the Philippines


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Three years organizing facts and information, writing and revising script, creating drawings and diagrams, seeking and collecting photos, learning software and doing voiceovers; then 845 slides and an hour and 27 minutes flapping my later, and the first video of this 3-Part lobster tutorial is finally in the can and ready to view. Now I start on video two. Subscribe so you will be informed when the next video of this series is completed and uploaded, and share with others.

Also may I give a warm Happy New Years from this little island paradise on the edge of a Surigao mangrove in the land of ''the Never-ending Summer''. Ahh it is a rough life, but someone has to endure it.



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Well over the years I have posted threads on the subject of fish farming and lobster huts because not only are they an interest to me but I see them as a sound investment capable of generating sound c

This overview is of the location where the hatchery is presently being built. The real jewel of this location is the small saltwater pond and the waters here around Surigao City, Dinaget Island and Si

Theoretically you could...     if you were a lobster.

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   Well I finally finished the second video of the 3-part Youtube video series ‘Tropical Spiny Rock Lobster 101 - species Panulirus 'ornatus' - Video (2of3)’ which I started work on New Year’s day. It is almost an hour and forty-five minutes long so it is about twenty minutes longer than the first video of this series. The issue was a lack of posted photos on the internet which related on the subjects discussed, which required my digging through my own personal archive of photos and quite a bit of artwork needing to be created. But I am satisfied with the end results and it feels good to have this second video of the series finally uploaded. I have a few smaller video projects that I have had on hold, one is a couple of videos of the lobsters in the grow-out nets which follows what was done through a local disease outbreak; and the other project is a collaboration with a local Filipino lobster buyer/shipper/transporter who’s skills and technique is extremely successful, and we will video and discuss all the steps needed to properly prepare and ship lobster at distances in excess of 10 hours. Rio has shipped lobster as far as the Middle East with successes of 100% survival rates of delivered stock. He has decades if practice hands-on experiences in lobster aquaculture and is a walking ‘treasure trove’ of knowledge which he wants to share.      



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Video '3of3 Part-A' of my YouTube lobster 101 training video series if finally completed and is now uploaded for viewing. And as usual I hope viewers find it useful, informative and entertaining. Due to the volume of information contained in this third section of the video series, it is necessary to divided the content into two individual videos because the video would simply be too long. I have tried to keep these to around plus or minus 90 minutes in length, So section three consists of both a '3of3 Part-A' and a video '3or3 Part-B'' video, I have already started work on the voiveover for the upcoming '3of3 Part-B' video and should have it ready for upload onto my YouTube channel sometime before early March. This is of course dependent on the amount of artwork I may need create which can be quite time consuming.

   This Part-A video contains discussions on subjects pertaining to proper practices and technique used within the commercial lobster 'grow-out' aquaculture industry. Such as reliant facts and figures, proper husbandry fundamentals, feeding practices, water management, net and cage management and proper stock management. To include: topics relating to various types of aquacultural 'grow-out' setups, different net and cage types. and useful information helpful to successfully raise early stage Pueruli seedstock and Juvenile stock to healthy marketable (500gram) Sub-adults, (1,000gram) Adults and (1,500gram) Adult size individuals.

And please feel free to Subscribe, Like, Share or Comment if you feel so inclined.



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   Been busy writing articles and codes. The internet service has been virtually out for the last six weeks. Tore-down the floating platform, cleaned the nets and put them in storage for now. Tore down and removed the roof inside the hatchery facility and did a thorough inspection of cement columns and the water tanks. Tore-down 14 bungalows and rebuilt them and added a few more, as well as doubling the size of the sari-sari store. Just the usual boring stuff...

   Rainy season is almost over and my to-do-list is filled to the brim. So new cages and platform to build and a few new mariculture project to build, so I can start raising several new species of fish along with lobster, shrimp, crabs , crabs etc. More for personal if anything else. Once I start getting serious about posting articles and videos I will probably find myself being approached by serious interest. I still hope that is still at least a year away from now, as I am still sorting everything out, designing the layouts of the projects. Plus I really want to devote a little more free-time to doing more research on these new specie-types, so I can raise a small crop or two to iron-out the particulars. When your raising them, you also have to be able to raise their needed food-types to properly feed and care for them.  But I feel those interests will sort me out, despite myself,  and I will find myself-waist deep in new projects... I retired at age 50 and here 13 years later, I have actually come to the realization I have no real interest in retiring. That is why I am always piddling with the research, I'm just too stupid to be lazy. Some asshole will offer a deal I can no longer hide from or ignore hehehe, then I will be back into the rat-race for another 20 years...             

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