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28 Filipinos Fail To Secure a Korean Bruce Lee!

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Hey I like Calasio, he entertains me....


Re korean : i suspect he's a trained fighter and the 28 is probably an exaggerated number, and some were women and children, elderly, etc.

Most are probably bystander.  If I'm there, I would've gotten closer to the action just to watch.  They'll count me as number 29.


From my experience, the locals aren't the type to jump in and beat up someone for no reason.  They usually step back and not get involved.

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I don't see the relevance to Bruce Lee besides this idiot had about 20 people trying to stop him? besides that he sounds like the total opposite to Bruce Lee, someone I respect for his philosophy and teachings of the defense of the human body had set some great examples in his short life. In fact I find the thread title very tasteless and trackless with little understanding of the master or maybe as he was Asian that was meant to be the link?

Buy yourself a sense of humor,you are lacking.

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A report on the incident showed that Tack showed up at 1:30 a.m. in front of the victim’s house. Banawa told his wife to close the door, when suddenly Tack grabbed the breasts of Banawa’s wife.
Why was the door open at 130AM?
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