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Has anybody installed glass and stainless steel balustrade?

How much is supply and install per linear meter?


Regards Rik

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Sadly as with everything, there is no fixed price. Are you talking for a staircase or a landing/deck area?

E.G glass....thickness, state meaning normal toughened, tempered, laminated, tint, reflective, panel size, holes for fixings, finsh meaning rounded corners and polished edges

Balusters.....custom made, ready made, top rail, top rail format, fixing to what, how, grade of s/s, thickness of s/s, finish meaning polished or satin or blasted.....


Not meaning to be a prick but all of those or any combination thereoff will be differing pricing.


Kima sell ready made balusters with two horiz. arms for bolting thru glass panel for around 750 Php per baluster. But you then need a top rail, fixings, glass etc etc.


Having made literally miles of this stuff, please do get someone to TIG your joints and not the local welder to use MMA (stick). A proper well priced job looks classy, a poorly executed but costs the same job looks like sh1t....believe me.

Went to a house in Smokey's hood and very nice house, mezzanine floors, nice fit out but the stainless balustrade shouted CRAP!!!!


Also, if any curves etc get the top rail rolled somewhere, not site butchered to fit. You end up with a series of irregular straight lines all joined together to form a curve aka. cut and shut.  And yes i do know one definition of a curve or a circle is "an infinite number of infinitely short straight lines all joined together".

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No just straight lines no stairs. Been quoted 12.500 and 6500 a meters 3/8 glass.

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