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Salty Dog

How does a child travel internationally without its passport?


I would assume he meant he saw it before all this occurred...

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Going to an attorney would be a good start, also she can contact the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Here is a link to their website.




It states that the Philippines is bound by the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, but I am not really sure about that. Here is a link to what that covers.




I will be out of town next week, but when I return I know someone here I can ask about this, but this is no doubt an urgent situation, so I would suggest she act right away. I know the husband warned her not to tell anyone or she would never see her child again, but she should not allow that to intimidate her from seeking help.






I found this article and it is not encouraging.




I would still suggest she contact the HCCH in the first link to confirm this information. Either way, they can probably give her some suggestions.


Thanks for the info. I have forwarded it to the mother and hopefully she will contact them next week. She doesn't have much money so it probably won't go far...


I've been living in SE Asia for over 15 years and thought I'd seen everything until this. I have verified as much as physically possible and the remaining bit is the story received from the Filipina about how the child is gone. I suspect there was a big fight and the father kicked her out and kept the child. It also doesn't seem that it was a long term plan to get the baby because the father had spent a lot of time/money working on getting the Filipina a visa. If the baby was the ultimate goal, that would not be the case.


If I get any further info, I'll post it here. Thanks all for the input.

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Several years ago I saw the same thing take place. An American guy was married to a Filipina and they had a child. The guy and the gal were not compatible and had fights and such a lot. Eventually, he kicked her out of their apartment. Not long after he moved to the USA and took the child with him. This all took place in Korea.


The Filipina may have a chance to have her and the child reunited. However, it would cost loads for the process.

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