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Excellent warranty service from APC battery backup


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I'd like to share my recent experience with a warranty problem with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from APC. I've bought these devices before, and this was the first one to fail.


I bought the APC device at the Octagon computer store in Cebu. Right away I was a bit concerned as it showed a manufacturer date of mid 2014. But, the device has a two year warranty from date of purchase.


So, within the first day I realized it was defective. It seemed to charge up okay, but when a power failure came, not working.


I contacted the APC office in Manila via their website and email. Within a day I'd been advised how to check it, and did so. By the next day I was giving them a ship to address. Their warranty even says that I am responsible for the shipment to them, but in fact, they covered all costs. It took a week to get a Replacment to me, but it was easy peasy to give the old one and open up a new one.


The new one (made in January this year) seems to work fine......knock on wood.


They not only contacted me by email after the replacement but called to be sure all was well.


This is a good news item.

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They have (had?) a plant on Mactan, producing APC UPS units (supposedly export only?). APC was the only brand I used, for ages - and certainly in the Philippines. Here (Cambodia), that is just another thing that is a tick mark for the Philippines. I have three units here, on my network. They are okay - but far from an APC. 

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