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Unpleasant cost surprise with LBCshippingcart on air shipment

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I considered the LBC venture under LBCshippingcart.ph to be an attractive method of shipping less-than-jumbo-size  non-balikbayan box shipments here because prices listed on site seemed reasonable and site had a very professional feel to it in revealing details of how they process shipments.


My first shipment of printed matter via surface went well although it is still en route.  Went well meaning the cost was as the onsite calculator computed it to based on weight even though the box was fairly large.


LBC charges by weight or volume measurement whichever is more expensive.  


I had some relatives pack a few relatively light items and asked them to ship in smallest sturdy box they could come up with.  It turned out to be an  8 x 6 x 4 inch carton of 3.65 lbs..  LBC if charging by weight state they charge $5.99 per lb. and this includes their assessment of customs/Vat/etc charges as well as delivery to your PI location.


For this shipment declared accurately at $131. the charge from LBC was 1593 pesos(about $34).  So they charged by volume or made a mistake in the charges.  I oked shipment rather than get involved in an email discussion that likely I would lose.  Just decided not to use air cargo in future unless an absolute emergency.  Not knowing their formula for volume to effectively compute this I just look at this as $9.32 a lb rather than $5.99.


Not a big deal in a small package like this, but just be aware if you are shipping a large size container by air the price likely will be much more than the weight charge would have been.



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