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What computer would you build?

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I'm getting ready to build my personal PC (not my server or network pc) and want input from what you guy's use or just think is best. First one I'm looking at is the Intel duo-core which is nice but really is slow in bus speed compared to an AMD64 but has a bigger cache but I'm not into gaming but running multiple programs at a time.


So what would you guys go for, the 775 board with duo-core or the 939 board with the AMD64?

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Here at my school, we got a room full of AMD64 bit processors. Talk about lightning fast to do just about anything. I flip on the computers and it seems like as fast as I can get situated at the desk, the computer is waiting for me to login. 64 bit is the future and you should really go with it.

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Im working with a homebuild computer.

And i am very happy with it, im using this,


AMD Athlon X2 64 3800+ processor ( 64-bit dual core )

Windows XP pro.

1 gb DDR2 memory ( 533MHZ )

nVidia GeForce 6100 vidoe

1x 300 gb, 3x 160 gb harddiscs ( 7200 rpm,16MB cache )

1 dvd player and 1 sony duallayer rewriter.

15-in-1 memorycardreader

1000 Mbps LAN

7x usb 2.0 and 1 wifi

6 channel audio

2x 17" TFT monitors with a network card ( so i can use 2 screens on the same time )

A HP PSC 2575 all in one ( printer,scanner,copier )

All together with a DSL connection.


Now im also thinking to build my own server.

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here is my personal build \


CPU - athlon 64 3000+socket 939

Motherboard - eVGA nForce4 SLI (133-K8-N41)

Memory - Corsair ValueSelect DDR400 (2X512)

Graphics - eVGA GeForce7600 GT CO

Keyboard Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard 2000

Mouse - microsoft IntelliMouse optical

Hard Drives - Seagate 7200.7 160GB

Optical Drive - Pioneer DVR-111DBK

Case - Antec SonataII includes 450W power supply

OS - WindowsXP Home

Network card - U.S robotics

prepaid dial-up if im using email and surfing the net.

i connected ADSL if im on gaming site and downloading freeware.

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Remember there is a 64bit Windows XP pro available now. I run a dual core AMD, the first AMD I have tried. I was Intel always before. I'm very happy with the AMD, though I have a bit of problem with my video. But I think that is my fault in configuration, not the processor/mobo.


I didn't get the 64bit version of XP pro, something I wish I had. It allows for better multithreading when applications are built to handle that. If you like to run multiple applications and any of them are multithread capable, you will find it worth while, regardless of which manufacturer you choose. Cost at the time for the 64 vs 32 bit XP was exactly the same. (I just didn't know that the 64 existed.)



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If you go the AMD route... take a look at the new AM2 mount motherboards / chips...


The older sets ( 9xx etc. ), even with high bus speeds, you could / would get a lot of latency under some conditions with DDR memory... the AM2 set uses DDR2 ( which is coming way down in price )...


As for the Intel or AMD argument... who knows... either way its a bit of a trade-off and depends on what you want to do with the computer... Intel's stuff is more expensive by about 20%, aren't as easy to do overclocking tricks etc. with but normally have much better thermal stability... AMD chips are cheaper... their chips and related boards are normally easier to modify... but can often be used in cold weather as the heater for your room... ;-)




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