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Hello to the group.

My wife and I have searched thru these forums a few times and found plenty of useful info.

We have just completed our move here to Cebu. We lived here for a year then moved back to Canada for a few years

and have finally moved back here.

My wife is a philippina, we have purchased some property in the mountains near carcar, and are hoping to enjoy life here. (we hope)

Luckily her family is pretty good, if you know what i mean.


One thing i would like to ask....i was looking thru some topics and member "JLG"( http://www.livingincebuforums.com/inde...showtopic=7067# ) had a post regarding a small tractor with attachments. I would like to get more

info about where to find a tractor like his. I havn't been able to send a post to JLG directly so i'm trying it this way.


My email is [email protected] if you don't mind and have the time if you could contact me regarding this i would very much appreciate it.


I'll try to post more now that im here and actually may have something useful to post. I will be constructing a house soon so I'll try to post the costs and such as i go.



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