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Hello all, I reckon I'm the new kid on the block. My name is Phil. I live in the states, Oklahoma to be precise. Fellow I worked with was married to a pinay. At the time he was building a house somewhere in Cebu. He told me many stories about his travels there and plans for his life there after retirement. Really spurred my interest as I had been looking at possible locations for my own retirement outside the U.S. I've lived the american dream and I'm sick of it. My friend made his move last year and I wonder how he is doing?

I;m close to reirement now (from if the ###### me off "today" or a couple years?)

I;ve read this forum for some time and have learned a lot. I plan to try to make it over for a stay next year to try it own for size, so to speak. I do intend to do the rent or long term stay in hotel thing. I have no interest in owning anything. I will try not to ask questions that have been asked many time before, as I have read this forum extensively. Enjoy Phil

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