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greetings, salutations...


i am an american born male, 41, musician currently living in europe. Henry Miller ( correctly i think) states that people whose ancestors settled in cold climates were idiots. so it is off to cebu. now all you nordics dont have a hissy please.


i have a good friend who has travelled the world for 3 years straight and said cebu would be his choice of home bases if he had to pick from his array of over 200 cities thus far visited. so i'm going to trust him on this one. goa was his second pick.


my main reasons for trying this out are the weather, food, friendly people, and partially financial as i am not a rat racer, try as they did to turn me into one. oh yes, and health.


my health failed in my twenties and it has been one nasty bitch getting back to a good spot healthwise. along the way i learned a thing or two -- hundred. so one of my heavy interests in life is alternative med type things, but not limited to alternative medicine. not a fan of big pharma.


lets see, what else. i studied for half my life with a master musician. that was the real education, after getting a degree in comp sci and wasting half my life programming computers. no offense to current programmers but when the brain fries there is nothing you can do but quit programming. i have no interest in the current music industry unless someone wants to dump a million dollars into my lap for farting out a melody. but nonetheless, im deeply into music, teaching, playing, learning, listening and have somehow escaped the commercialism of it all.


i have no possessions in life other than a bag of clothes so i got that one covered.


enough about me... what do YOU think about me?


ok, so my main neurosis at this point is the first day/week/ there after arriving. i think i'll be cool after poking around for a few weeks. but i want a smooth transition. i think i can afford anywhere from 3000 to 15k pesos monthly. i hate pollution so the city is out of the question for me. someplace low key would be nice. my travelling friend says dumaguete is nice. i'd like to perhaps set up a little home base for the first few months and then take little jaunts to unknown places to find something paradisey.


feel free to word associate...

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Welcome to d forum Francis!


I'd be very interested in your traveling friend's assesment of why Cebu ranks at the top of his places of foreign locales to live.

From you intro, I do think you will have a great time here as Pinoys are great music lovers and very artistic in general. You should be able to find friends in short time that share your love of music for musics sake. Sounds like you plan to scout out a bit first then head to the hills is a sound one. take care

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Hi and welcome The Negros were on my list as well and if you make it to Dumaguete you might want to check out Valencia up the mountain a bit good rental deals are possible there and you can see some proprty types on Island Properties website wouldnt recomend the company however I would go and look around direct


Im finding such things here as spiralina shops in Cebu

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thanks guys for the support.


i may have roped in another friend or two for this journey.


i can't speak for my traveller friend, but i assume his high ranking of cebu had to do with a good balance of it being civilized and yet having beautiful natural resources, friendly people, good food, reasonably priced cost of living, easy visas. i think he is into scuba so dumaguete was a big draw for him. these were all on my mind when trying to pick a place and i was happily surprised when he agreed with my choice.


s***, i am frothing at the prospect of getting a little sloop and basking for days on end, eating some fresh caught raw fish. are moorings/dock space expensive?


the best meal i ever had was in puerto rico... fresh conch ceviche and pineapple juice. if the pineapples in the phils are anything near the ones in p.r. then it will have been worthwhile.


wondering what do you guys think is a better option for the first week or so, just book a hotel room in mactan, or cebu (not city proper). i may want one or two nights in mactan just to decompress after the flight. or should i try to find a room or house prior to avoid this extra step. i don't mind paying a few extra bucks for a week or so to make things easier.


... currently jettisoning extraneous weight from my single bag.

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