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New Bohol Airport…

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Thank you!


My wife says Waikiki is a million times better than Boracay! :D We have to check out Panglao next time we get there...


* Hawaii doesn't get as hot as Florida, or as humid...

* Hawaii doesn't have alligators or snakes (except in zoos)...

* Hawaii is less developed than Florida so there is more scenery and natural beauty in Hawaii...

* No need to learn Spanish in Hawaii...

* Things are more expensive in Hawaii...




We enjoy Alona best as well. They have a nice variety of decent restaurants, a couple nice bars and everything is quiet by about 10pm - 11pm.


You can find private cars to take you anywhere on the island at a reasonable cost (negotiation) and Tagbilaran is only 15 minutes away for things like theaters & shopping.

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I never understood the need for a second airport on Bohol much less an international one. It is not that big of an attraction to me. The beaches are not great and in my humble opinion monkeys and chocolate hills can only take you so far.


It won't be a second airport, but rather a replacement for the existing airport, which is inconvenient and will be turned into a duty-free industrial zone. What I can't figure out is why you would think you need an airport in the Camotes. You don't even have any chocolate hills or tarsiers. Certainly, it isn't ever going to have enough air traffic to keep a route open.




just kidding  :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

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just kidding


Since your just kidding I will let it go.  :cool:

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Panglao is terrible. Do not come here.  :yahoo:


 Honestly my wife and I came here on vacation a few years ago. We had made trips to Manila, Ani Lao, Puerto Galera, Cebu, Moal Boal, Dumaguete and Boracay before coming to Panglao. We both instantly loved it and decided we would like to move here. 

 Panglao has just enough of everything for us. There are some really good restaurants, white sand beaches and great scuba diving. Two good hospitals and three OK malls. 

 The negatives are the same as in much of the Philippines. Traffic could be much better with just some simple traffic management and enforcement of basic traffic rules. The variety in products while shopping is very limited and things are often "out of stock". Gasoline and electric are expensive relative to the U.S. The internet is pretty sketchy and over priced for the service received. 


 All in all we are very happy here, however, I am waiting until the airport is finished before I commit to buying and living here permanently. I am afraid this place may turn into Boracay. We are already seeing mega resorts like Hennan, Be Grand and Blue Water being built with no obvious upgrades to things like sewer, power, water, garbage collection or the internet. 


 It appears that some people are already calling for changes to the original plan of the new airport. I wonder why?




The Provincial Development Council (PDC) approved a resolution asking for endorsement from the Regional Development Council (RDC)-7 to extend the area allocation of the New Bohol Airpor runway from two kilometers to 2.5 kilometers.

This came up during the PDC meeting on Monday presided by Gov. Edgar Chatto at JJ’s Seafoods Village.

The PDC discussed that the expansion of the runway is intended to make the new airport capable of accommodating big aircrafts.

Chatto said the proposed longer runway for the new airport had been discussed with President Benigno Simeon Aquino III together with DOTC Sec. Jun Abaya during the President’s visit here on Wednesday last week.

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