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My Little Girl's Teacher Passed Away This Evening

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Mr. Mike

Rest in peace as well...give your daughter a hug for me, and God bless.

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i am sure many members would recall their allegiance and sense of respect and admiration for their old teachers,,some moreso than others

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Sorry to hear this Headshot. My sympathies as a parent are there for you.


Of course, we worry about how our four year old is going to take that news. Me too...


In my case, as a parent, and since it is the school summer vacation now, I would think I would explain to MY 4year old boy that he is getting a NEW teacher this coming June year, and not dwell too much on the death of the other teacher ...  ?


But of course, each dad (of a 4year old) needs to follow what he persoanlly thinks best... right?



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A very nice eulogy, Headshot. It sounds like your little girl had a wonderful teacher and may she R.I.P.

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Hard to find good teachers here.

Sorry for your school's loss.


It is hard to find a teacher of Teacher Susan's caliber regardless of where you are in the world. I think she was one of the best teachers I have ever known. Just watching her with the children, you could just tell that she was exactly where she wanted to be. Her classroom was filled with love. I'm really glad that I got (and took) the opportunity to tell her of the high regard we held her on the last day of class. I could tell that it made her very happy to be thought of so highly. Her viewing and funeral will be this week.

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thats so sad for all that had known her. r.i.p teacher susane

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Steve and Myrlita

:rip: Susan. Condolences to the family & kids she taught. The school lost a good teacher.

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