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Recommended kindergarten/school?

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We have decided to stay in Cebu for 12 months, instead of 6 months which we orginally planned. Therefore things have turned and we will definitely try to find some kind a kindergarten/learning center for our 5-year old son. We will arrive in Cebu a month from now.


Childlink has been recommended to us (http://www.childlink.info/). Does anybody have any experience of them?


I don't know anything about Childlink, but you might also want to look at Royal Oaks International School, which is also on V. Rama in Guadalupe. I have heard decent reviews (from parents) about them. As far as the value of highly-rated schools verses poor schools, i would say there is a lot more chance that a poor school will turn a child off on learning than a good school. Look for a school that offers a program you are comfortable with, and then run with it. From my perspective, parental involvement is important regardless of the school, but a poor school can truly damage a child. You don't want to end up teaching your child everything yourself (otherwise why would you send your child to any school), so you need to decide what is important to you and your child, and make sure that the school you choose offers a curriculum that fills your requirements.

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Also depends very much if the child is a boy or a girl. You can easily mold a girl at younger age while a boy is more playful and therefore needs more playtime. I am not a big fan of parents involvment at school, yes if the outcome is questionable, otherwise no - the child may get the impression that she/he gets protection from the parents even if outside the home. School is not only a learning place but also a place of social development. I had good and bad school experiences and teachers. The bad ones were as important as the good ones, just like life.


Again, I feel that here in the Philippines is too much pressure put onto kids at young age, pressure also could be in the way that parents are involved too much at school, especially when it's a single child.


No worries here with the boy going to Sweden soon, maybe let him focus more on the local language since most Swedish people (like all Scandinavians) learn good  English anyways.

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