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Creative Ways to Eat Dry Fish


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Go from zero to hero with creative ways to eat dry fish. No need to ban dried fish from your home. There are ways to prepare dishes using dried fish as a seasoning that doesn't stink out the house.


1. lomi lomi salmon Hawaiian style dried fish


1 cup dried fish (more fleshy type)

5 large ripe tomatoes

1 large sweet onion

sea salt/Hawaiian salt


Shred/chop the dried fish and soak in a bowl of water until tender.

Drain the fish and add the diced tomatoes and onion. Season with the sea salt. Chill in refrigerator.

Add a cup of crushed ice before serving.


You use this as a side vegetable dish to a main dish like lechon baboy/manok (in Hawaii, lomi salmon is usually served with kalua pig). Eat with rice.


2. Furitake Japanese style dried fish.


1/2 cup dried fish (the salty/sweet type)

sesame seeds

nori (dried seaweed)

any other ingredient that suits your taste


Grind/finely chop the dried fish. Add toasted sesame seeds to taste. Add chopped nori to taste. Sweeten/add salt/add ground hot pepper to taste.


You use this as a seasoning on hot rice. You can also use as a seasoning on fish, poultry, meat, pizza, etc.


3. Sweet pork/dried fish fried rice


4 ounces thin slices of char siu pork

2 ounces dried fish

1 egg

chopped green onions

leftover rice


Soak and shred dried fish. Fry rice with a little oil until grains begin to separate. Add pork and continue to fry. Add fish. Add egg. Add green onions last. Season to taste with soy sauce, oyster sauce, or whatever you like in fried rice.


You can be a zero by putting down a popular pinoy dish, or you can be a hero by adapting it as a salty seasoning to any number of different western/asian style dishes that you like.



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step 1,,place dried fish in plastic barbage can with adequate fire material,,light fire.


step 2,,when fire heats plastic sufficiently,,bend the plastic garbage top inwards sealing the container.


step 3,,dispose of garbage thoughtfully.


step 4,,get in personal transport and go look for a Maccas.

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Best way to eat dried fish is to cook and eat outside of the house!! The further away the better :db:

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Best way to eat dried fish is to cook and eat outside of the house!! The further away the better :db:


I agree. I would rather eat the exterior of my house than to eat dried fish too...  :cool:

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Alfred E. Neuman

Inun-unan is much worse!(vinegar fish stew)

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lets face it,,the phils is an impoverished country for a huge percentage of the population,,rice is a staple food only,,and not many bigger fish ABOUND for the poorer people!


having said that,,if i had to face the prospect of taking dead and dried yellowtail out in my boat for bait on a days fishing,,i would mow the lawn instead.


its quite elementary that live prized fish wont eat the above!

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