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Hello everyone! I am Angie and after three attempts of signing up for this site, I finally made it. I am Keith Angel's partner and I am here, hoping to be able to share something with you, especially in the field of Cebuano language. I am teaching the English language to Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese for a living but have come to the point of trying something different, TEACHING CEBUANO!!! Don't you find that too extreme? hehehehe....


Anyway, if you have questions in mind and you think I can provide you with the answer, then feel free to post under the language section and I would do my best to answer your queries as my contribution to the forum.


Many thanks to Paul for helping us realize this initiative.

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Hello Teacher!


I know I am not a good student, but I will try to study harder and do my home work.


Since I can't bring you an apple in person, this will have to do -





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