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Before condemning others, I suggest you read the entire text of the new law, Executive Order (EO) 758.


And, for your information, as part of my work I have set up a number of companies in the Philippines, most operating in PEZA (and before that, EPZA) zones, with a few under alternative BOI rulings.


This new visa is specifically designed to get more smaller businesses in the Philippines.

Whether it will do that, or not, is another matter.

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Hi Guys,


Just a quick question. I am looking into opening a Business as a Sub-Contractor for Export from the Philippines. Can I own 100% of the Business being a non Philippino? Any advice/suggestion will be most welcomed.

Thank you ahead of time.

Kurt in Cebu

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Has anyone seen this supposed new visa story .... do you think if I hired 10 maids I might be qualified to stay indefinitely in the Philippines? :lol:




Sorry but who told you so sir?

Please go to a right person who

could help you facilitate that

visa you want. Ask for assistance at

the embassy.



jenny(concern citizen)

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