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Cebu Island's Main Tourist Attractions

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I loved Cebu for its diversity, city life and within a few hours, beautiful countryside. The main attractions for sure are: Whale watching at Oslob, Tumalog Falls near Oslob, Dalaquete beach, Osmena Peak (3000 ft), Aguinid Falls with its five levels that you climb up with a guide (the best of all waterfalls), Driving on the otherside of the island was awesomely beautiful and no traffic with ocean on one side and jungle on the other. Kawasan Falls is the second best falls IMO. A great place to hang and the hike to it is stunningly tropical. Lambug Beach is the the island's Boracay-like beach and its best secret. Always empty. Clear water, 80F. I did not want to leave. While Moalboal has nice beaches also, lambug is untouched for the most part. Of course, Cebu city is action packed and vibrant with 2 million or so. But, for a tourist, not a lot to do. Mactan was rather rundown IMO, public beaches are so lacking, we did find a nice beach at Karancho resort for day use, went jet skiing. Of course, we took the bus to the ferry to go to Bantanyan island. Again, nice beaches but not better than lambug. The town of Santa Fe was actually a rundown village with little appeal. The ferry across was on an old LST which took an hour. The southern part of Cebu island offers a lot, no so much in north part.








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