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Diesel vehicle servicing.


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We have 2 Isuzu's which we like to keep well maintained and serviced.

In the past, we have always used the main dealers, either at Mandue or Ayala.(now moved to SM area).

As well as paying top price for their service, the standard of their work has deteriorated to the point of 'not acceptable'.

They seem to think that a service entails only changing the oil and filter and rubbing a clean cloth over the engine!!!

Never once have they carried out work as per their service manual.

Despite complaining to to them locally and even the Isuzu Alabang head office, not improvement or even acknowledgement of our concerns has been addressed.

Current dispute is with one of our cars being in Isuzu Mandue for 7 months awaiting a paint job!!!!

Every time we confront them its the usual B--- ---t answers.

So, any of you guys know of a good alternative garage where you can get a decent service on a diesel car, preferably on Mactan or in the Mandue area.

Any replies much appreciated.

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I had the same problems with Isuzu's high prices and low quality of work done. Now, I only use Tri-J Marketing for maintenance on my Isuzu pickup truck. They have a few locations around the city. They have reasonable prices, and they fix the problems like they say they will.

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