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Adobong Karne Sa Gata

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This is a recipe I have tried, and made some variations of -


3 lbs cubed (1") stewing beef (chuck is good)

1 head of garlic (all cloves, whole, crushed and peeled)

1/2 cup soy sauce

3/4 cup white vinegar

1 1/2 tablespoon whole peppercorns

1 tablespoon freshly ground pepper

4 bay leaves

1 tablespoon sugar

4 tablespoons (or as needed) your favorite frying oil (vegetable oil or corn oil)

1 tablespoon patis or salt

1 12 oz can of coconut milk


Combine the beef, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper corns, ground pepper, bay leaves, and sugar in a suitable sized stewing pan/pot. Let the beef marinade in the mixture for about 2 hours or so. Then, set heat to high and bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about and hour, or until the beef is tender.


Then strain the marinade mixture and remove the beef and garlic to a separate bowl. Reuse the original pan/pot, set back on medium high heat and add oil to the bottom. Then add the meat and cook until dark brown on all sides. Remember, brown is flavor, and there should be a fond (coating) on the bottom of the pan/pot. Don't burn the fond (should be slightly dark brown, not black). Then add back the garlic and cook until garlic starts to brown. Then reduce the heat to low and add patis or salt to taste. Then add the coconut milk and scrape the fond from the bottom of the pan (deglace). Cook on a simmer for about 5 minutes.


Serve hot.

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