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Stuffing or meatloaf


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Inspired by the sausage post


I recently made Roast Chicken with stuffing and as usual the stuffing is better than the chicken


Half Kilo ground pork


1 cup breadcrumbs or finely torn bread


5 rashers of bacon fried fairly crisp and cut into 1" strips


A handful of raisins pre soaked in orange juice for a couple of hours or more




! egg mixed well in to bind


Salt and Pepper to taste


Stuff chicken any over i make patties or balls and pop in with the chicken about 30 mins before its cooked


You could also pop this mix into a greased loaf tin and bake for about 45 mins depends on your oven


leave to set for ten mins and turn out


Lami serves about 3 as a loaf

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Kieth Angel,


One of the biggest issues with Chicken is the meat usually comes out pretty dry and bland, while the skin may look and taste lami!


One technique I use for all poultry (Chicken, Turkey, etc.) is to brine the bird. Brining is good for poultry if you are roasting, braising, grilling, or smoking the meat. I never tried it with frying since frying is so quick, but might be good as well...don't know.


1 cup salt (table salt)

1 cup sugar

3 qts to 1 gallon of water

3.5lb bird (either whole or cut up)


Put the water in a pot suitable to contain the water and chicken. Brine the bird for 1 hour. You don't need to soak any more than an hour as the osmosis process will be done within an hour and longer usually starts breaking down the meat to much.


You can double or treble the ingredients depending on the size of the bird/s.


Rinse the bird, and apply whatever rubs or other things you usually do (basting, etc.) to make the skin/outer parts tasty.


Your bird will come out nice and juicy every time, and have more flavor as the brine has penetrated the meat.

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Yes your probably right there in the UK they inject mass produced chicken and pork with water to add to the weight what I find with the stuffing is that it does keep the bird moist I always rub the skin with garlic ,salt and pepper and of course baste with hot oil havnt yet found free range corn fed chickens

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brining is a great thing ...i often buy whole pork shoulders or whatever the largest gut i can find at the time ... sometimes though i'll even use boneless ( country style ) pork ribs .. i've brined them for as much as 36 hours .. same simple brining solution as mentioned by bret .. then in to a very low oven 220 maybe 215 for 8 to 12 hours .. brushing on my own sauce mixture every 45 minutes ..


i use 1 plum sauce ..1/2 soy (actually something called dales here it's soy based with some onion and other slight flavorings) and 1/4 vinegar (white or apple) ususally white


when it's done it's good for slicing or shredding


i've done the same with roast beef too but i usually put that on my deli slicer when done ... bought an actual store type slicer .. my favorite kitchen toy for meats vegetables and anything else

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