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GLENN LOOP, the new American consular agent, Cebu

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GLENN LOOP, the new American consular agent, Cebu



GLENN LOOP, the new American consular agent, is an American gentleman who has been living peacefully in Cebu for the past 40 years. He was born in Syracuse, New York “along the St. Lawrence River Valley,” where he finished his BS Math. At 24, he left home and worked with the United States Air Force as maintenance for air interceptor missiles. The job took him places and eventually to Spain where, in Madrid, he met the love of his life, Honey Jarque. That meeting took him to the Philippines, specifically Cebu.

He married Honey in 1978 at the Archbishop’s Palace and worked with the Jarque family’s cargo shipping business. Aside from this, he had his own little business, a Xerox copy center along Ramos St. for 20 years. Ever the learner, he finished Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of San Carlos and master in Business Management from UP Cebu. He speaks English, Spanish and Cebuano.

Now retired from the family business, he got himself a new job as his country’s consular agent in Cebu, where he says it’s entirely different from the routine of a shipping company. It poses new challenges, new learning, new training. He explains the agency basically accepts application forms and forwards them to Manila where they are adjudicated and from there, the forms are sent back to Cebu. The agency does not accept visa applications which have to be processed at the US Embassy as his work is not that of a consul but of a consular agent. The office has no commercial attaché so there’s not much movement in the commercial sector, except for occasional promos of American products for which the office coordinates with Manila.

Loop cannot say how many Americans are residing in Cebu City and province as not all of them register with the office. But overall in the Philippines, the figure is upward of 250,000.

What for him makes his job interesting is meeting a lot of people, some of them with problems which he can only try to help solve.

But for Americans who get arrested, all he can do is recommend a lawyer. He emphasizes that they have to comply with Philippine laws.

For those who run out of money for some reason or another, he refers them to Manila for it is the Embassy which can give a loan. To get such a loan, the American must list down five American family members or associates. But sadly, some of them do not have that many friends or family members.

In sum, Loop says that his new job is a different experience, meeting different kinds of people, helping them in whatever kind of problem or need they are in.

For a breather, he relaxes in the family home, a sprawling bungalow type of house on about 3,000 square meters of land in a quiet neighborhood. It has a swimming pool where he and his wife Honey and their son Edward can splash around in. But what he enjoys best is travel, not just abroad but also around his adopted country and he speaks glowingly of his latest vacation in Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro. This American gentleman who has found his home in Cebu is surely a worthy addition to the U.S. diplomatic corps.



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That is probably the best write-up about the US Consular Office and what they can and cannot do that I have seen since moving  here. Thanks for posting that. I have met Glenn. He is a very nice guy.

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