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Embassies Warn of Terrorist Attacks in China around X'Mas Day

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Several foreign embassies in Beijing, including the American and British ones, warned on Thursday of possible threats against Westerners in a shopping district on or around Christmas Day, urging their citizens to “exercise heightened vigilance.”

The Beijing police also issued a yellow alert calling on people to be aware of security and public order in shopping districts and other public areas during the holiday season. A yellow alert is the lowest of three security-warning levels in Beijing.

The American and British warnings, which were worded identically, singled out the Sanlitun neighborhood in eastern Beijing, but they gave no details about the potential threat. Sanlitun is one of Beijing’s main shopping, eating and drinking districts. It is also the location of several foreign embassies, although some, including that of the United States, have moved farther from the city center.

American and British embassy personnel would not reveal further details about the reasons for the alert. “We do not have any additional information at this time,” said Benjamin Weber, a spokesman for the United States Embassy.

The police presence in Beijing was increased on Thursday, with armed officers stationed in front of a main shopping complex in Sanlitun, Taikoo Li Sanlitun, and other intersections in the area.

Taikoo Li Sanlitun, previously known as Sanlitun Village, was the scene of the killing of a young Chinese woman and the wounding of her French husband in August by a man with a sword. The man accused of the assault is from northeastern China and said he was looking for Americans to attack, according to the Global Times, a newspaper owned by the Communist Party.




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Lee From Cebu

You would have to be crazy to be a terrorist in China thy do not play by western morals

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