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Obama Care Penalty

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Keep in mind, as obumacare is written , any penalty can only be assessed on a refund. So, don't overpay in thru the year.

I am sure they will change the wording eventually .

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I guess I'm screwed for last year, this year, and next year, if I go back in November of 2016.

And 2017, while I am thinking about it.

I happened to read this link .....https://aaro.org/medical-insurance.....I can't vouch for the organization, but the answers they posted to hypothetical situations sound like they may be of interest to you and other members.


So much of the verbiage on the IRS website is related to individuals who have overseas employment. It is harder to get straightforward answers to situations such as when long term overseas residents return for visits exceeding the 35 days.


I recall a member of LinC who posted queries about his experience of buying from the ACA exchange and getting a subsidy for his policy. He did this by claiming to be a resident of some state, when he lived here (if I recall the posts correctly).


I recall for tax year 2014 there was a block to be checked if you had insurance which complied with ACA. If not, then a form 8965 gets filled out and attached. I am assuming the same is required for subsequent tax years.

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