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South Korean K-Pop group Oh My Girl held at LA airport on suspicion of being sex workers

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But our sources say, what really happened was that the girls tried entering on a visitor visa. When customs officials noticed they were traveling with a ton of luggage that included costumes and other markers, they started asking questions and realized the group was here to perform. Our sources say the proper papers would have been a Performer Visa, which they didn't have.

If that is true, the US TSA/Immigration guys did a good job in preventing the illegals to get in the country...


Blame their travel planner/agent for not getting them proper visas…


Maybe they are not good enough to obtain any P visas from the US Consulate… hence, they tried to sneak in as tourists???

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...except they could have performed a Google image search for the band in like 2 minutes.


if they did that they'd realize Korean girls are like clones and there is no way to distinguish them.

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Just as the simple believe every word they read, so do the unwise throw out the baby with the bathwater. One needs to use their judgement. If you had done so and followed my suggested method you would see hundreds of professional studio photographs of the band with links to write-ups from mainstream media and details of television appearances.


If you discard the internet as a source of research (which is what your sarcasm implied) you are missing out on the information age and have put yourself on the wrong side of the technological divide. Better to hone your online research skills.

Now why in God's name would I follow your suggestion,  I don't care who the group is!  Jester

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