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Seafreight to Australia

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If someone has info on any shippers that can be contacted here in Cebu or even in Manila.


I looked tru this forum and have not found anything recent. Even googling is a bit of hit and miss for this end.


 I have few used, personal and tool items too heavy for air cartons I need get to to Brisbane from Cebu city area.


  Also news on any issues regarding this end and destination complications.


 plz pm me. 


Thank you.


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Not to discourage you, but if this is your first time importing something by sea into australia I would seriously recommend re-evaluating your items before proceeding.  Importing small amounts of goods (even personal items) is outrageously expensive here.  I bring 2-3 shipping containers of commercial goods a month into australia and the fully landed cost per 20' shipping container door to door is less than AUD$3,000 to site and unloaded.  In contrast to that, I've paid over AUD$2k for bringing in small amounts of personal possessions (less than 3m3) from other asian countries, and even from new zealand.  There are a host of unexpected costs waiting for you, customs, quarantine, MAF, possible holding charges, port charges etc etc.  Even with a good and reputable broker at each end it can still quickly turn into a nightmare.  There are lots of posts out there of people who have gone through it, so do a bit of reading before proceeding.  

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