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Today. Cebu.


My UBER they have my CC on file.


First booking 3 minute ETA. Too good to be true. Contacted driver by text. He indicated 30 minute ETA.


Second booking unrelated to above. 3 minute ETA. After about 10 minutes driver " arrived". He absolutely never arrived. Only one way in and out of lot. I was standing there.


Both of the above bookings the GPS was not moving. Just a false ETA and no forward progress displayed by driver.


As a control I used a competitor for a Taxi both times UBER failed, no issue with GPS.


Not only that- a cancelation fee of P100 for the " arrived " Taxi was more then the estimated total fare if the driver showed up.


I think they are honorable and will refund and the issue may be start up pains...just a warning.


I requested a refund

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I've had no issues with Uber in Cebu. In other countries, I've cancelled a few drivers that never showed and got the cancellation fee refunded after my explanation.

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