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Smart Internet

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i will arrive first part of nov. and would like to know total cost of smart internet and can i surf the internet with it , and can ii use it antwhere, mainly on boat

thanks jimbo

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I don't think a boat would be a good application for this. It's a dish or diapole that gets the signal from a tower. If you were very close to a tower it might work but from thier website it seems they aim the antenea as part of the install.


Tried to get this myself as there is no DSL o Cable modem service in my area.


At this time I've been trying to find the closest tower that has it and building a big dish to see if I can get the signal.


Dishes do work and I may make one anyway. I have several small dishes I made from cookware that help me get signals from hundreds of meters from the transmitter. A bar in Manila that has Free internet. No laws against using that. I'm thinking to try finding someone with a cable service but can't afford internet and me providing the hardware at his end and paying his bill if he will "share" his signal with me. PLDT SUCKS!

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