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‘Tanim-Bala’ Bullet Scam at NAIA

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The american family were able to record video for some time, so I guess that recording audio is possible


just do not tell them that you have audio record on, no one can see it  until the screen is turned on

just turn it on before you enter the airport

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Couldn't be a better example of  stupidity. Where do they find these folks? With international news organizations picking up the story, tourists will stay away in droves. Couldn't be a better reason t

My wife wonders why I dislike the Philippines,    I showed her these articles and her response was along these lines,   I was talking to my family last night and they know nothing about it so it

I like the chairmans attitude 

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I'd probably try to low-ball them on a counter offer and get the hell out and never come back. I guess I don't know what I'd do.............

Then they could turn the tables on you and say that You were trying to Bribe Them :idontknow:

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I am surprized no expats came out with an anecdotal denial as in:


" I've been thru the security hundreds of times and nothing like this happened to me".


I guess they are not saying it because the scam targeted mostly Filipinos. Now, if it targeted poreners only, as things are often in Thailand, then we would have victim blamers in dozens here.

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I am surprised no expats came out with an anecdotal denial as in:


Why are you surprised....the victims are mostly Filipinos....as they are the easy targets...if you remember...when it all came to light it was a missionary foreigner they targeted....If Filipinos would stand up to the corruption in this country...you would not have corruption...unfortunately its usually the foreigner that stands up for Filipinos.....not Filipinos..... been that way for the last century will continue to be that way until Filipinos grow some balls

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Unfortunately she switched too filipino, so I did not get it all

Very credible yes, and a strong woman it looks like


She was indeed a very credible witness. The highlight really is when described the circus act at the screening point and also how one screener made an obvious attempt to get out of the shot of the camera that was recording. And the dialog between the screeners and responding Avsec PNP people. She also talked about how they set up the bribe request. While she was 'running around' trying to sort out things with Cebu Pac etc because they would miss their flight, she was approached by another PNP officer who she named, and he told her when people get caught with bullets in their bags as amulets (anting-anting) they will pay 30,000 here, but if they go to the station it is 80,000. She said they can't afford that and the officer asked about her husbands work and she explained that he doesn't have a salary because he is a preacher. The officer asked her again, "Really no salary?" and she restated that and then the guy disappears and she never saw him again. 


She also said then while they were being driven to the inquest proceedings a woman told her she should just claim responsibility for the bullet and because she was pregnant (and a Filipino) they might just let her go. 


What she described was really typical of a lot  the low level bribe attempts I've seen/heard before. 

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I am surprized no expats came out with an anecdotal denial as in:


" I've been thru the security hundreds of times and nothing like this happened to me".


I guess they are not saying it because the scam targeted mostly Filipinos. Now, if it targeted poreners only, as things are often in Thailand, then we would have victim blamers in dozens here.


well the closest you can get to a foreigner would be an OFW  I think more foreigners pay then OFW do you expect a guy now in Europe to come back and tell his story about his payment

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"Prosecutors to work longer hours at Naia"



04:17 AM November 15th, 2015


The Department of Justice (DOJ) is ironing out the protocol for the longer deployment of its prosecutors at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia), hoping to maintain a presence of fiscals on extended hours at the air terminal complex which operates 24 hours every day.

This was announced by Justice Undersecretary Emmanuel Caparas on Saturday following a meeting of officials at the DOJ Friday afternoon to discuss measures for responding to the “tanim-bala” (bullet-planting) incidents at the Philippines’ premier gateway.

The scam has raged in the run-up to the country’s hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders summit, which 10,000 international delegates are expected to attend.

“Prosecutors are currently deployed at the Naia. Further arrangements are being made to have them there for extended hours seven days a week,” Caparas told the Inquirer in a text message on Saturday.

The DOJ spokesperson said a shifting schedule was being devised to ensure that a prosecutor would be ready to respond to ammunition-related apprehensions at the airport at all times.

There are four terminals at the airport complex, serving both domestic and international passengers.

“There will be shifting done to make sure we have at least one prosecutor there every day,” said the official.

Asked if the arrangements included the drafting of rules of procedure for the newest task given to state prosecutors, Caparas responded positively.

Caparas said Friday that the DOJ started deploying prosecutors at the Naia as early as Nov. 4, amid the spate of reported bullet-planting incidents, an extortion racket allegedly involving airport security personnel preying on passengers.

Caparas earlier explained that the prosecutors would be on call to undertake an initial assessment of bullet-related apprehensions.

Their job, he said, would be to determine “whether, given all the facts, there are enough grounds to detain the passenger.”

The goal is to avoid disrupting the travel plans of innocent passengers, he said.

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"Prosecutors to work longer hours at Naia"

It still sounds like it's just their attempt to “symptomatically” solve the problem. (Better than nothing, however...)


Just like in medicine, what we need is the etiologic studies to find the root cause and eliminate the causation thereto…

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"OFW cleared in ‘tanim bala’ case gets back her nanny job in HK"




08:13 PM November 17th, 2015



MANILA, Philippines — Her 13-year-old ward’s tears made her employer change her mind and gave her another chance.

Gloria Ortinez, the overseas Filipino worker who recently fell victim to the “tanim-bala” (bullet-planting) racket at the airport, was issued another contract by her employer in Hong Kong, according to migrant workers advocate Susan “Toots” Ople.

Ople said Ortinez’ previous contract was terminated by her employer due to the tanim-bala incident.

“They agreed on a settlement that includes a prospect of a new contract once Nanay Glo is prepared to come back,” she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer over the phone.

According to Ople, Ortinez and her employer, a single mother, initially had a bitter parting of ways Sunday night after the latter refused to allow the former to enter the apartment to get her things.

The employer’s 13-year old son went down the building, without her mother’s knowledge, to bid Ortinez goodbye.

“The mother witnessed how emotionally affected her son was by her decision to let go of Nanay Gloria,” Ople said.

“You study well. I love you,” she qouted Ortinez as telling her crying ward.

“If you love me then, why are you leaving me?” Ople quoted the boy as saying in reply to Ortinez.

The next day, Ople said Ortinez received a call from her employer.

“She was saying sorry to Nanay Gloria. She said her son cried the whole night and refused to eat breakfast before going to school. The employer then invited Nanay Gloria to meet her at a small restaurant across her apartment,” narrated Ople.

She added it was an opportunity for Ortinez to explain to her employer the tanim-bala incident and latter expressed her sympathy over what happened.

“They agreed on a financial settlement and the employer promised not to replace her. They will wait for Nanay Gloria to come back once all her papers are ready,” Ople added.

Ortinez, 56, was arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on Oct. 25 after two policemen claimed to have found a live bullet in her handbag.

The case was dropped against Ortinez after three days due to “lack of probable cause,” and the two policemen were suspended from duty.

Ople said they have already asked the Commission on Human Rights to look into the possible human rights violations committed against Ortinez in the tanim-bala incident.  SFM

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"61-year-old woman found with 3 bullets in Naia released"


04:14 PM November 19th, 2015


A 61-year old woman was ordered released by government prosecutor as it dismissed the criminal case after she was found in a possession of three bullets.

Lilly Chung, a Caticlan-bound passenger was placed under custody for possession of three bullet last Tuesday.

Chief Public Attorney Persida Rueda-Acosta said Chung was released for the same reason cited in the previous cases –lack of criminal intent to possess ammunition.


“She was carrying the bullets as amulets she got from a Buddhist monk,” Acosta explained.

The Prosecutor on duty at the airport ordered Chung’s release after inquest proceedings due to authorities’ failure to prove malevolent intent to possess and use the bullet for a criminal purpose.

The Public Attorney’s Office has so far helped 28 individuals caught with bullets at the airport. Complaints against 17 of the agency’s clients have been dismissed for lack of intent to possess the bullet and use it for malevolent purposes.

Public Attorney’s Office has pending motion to dismiss with the prosecutor’s office for the 11 others.

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Once they get these cases resolved. they need to change the law so bullets are just confiscated like other prohibited items. rather than detaining the passengers. Take the discretion out of the law, so that airport security people can't extort passengers in the future. Hopefully, they will also do the same with small amounts of drugs (that can also be easily planted), so the airport security people get out of the extortion business. Of course, if a weapon is found to go with the bullets, or if a large amount of drugs are found, that's a different deal.

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