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‘Tanim-Bala’ Bullet Scam at NAIA

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I'm retired and don't need to be anywhere so I'd go down kicking and screaming. Seriously I'd be pointing at the individual and screaming "This corrupt asshole planted a bullet in my bag" all the way to lock up. I've cut my nose off to spite my face many times over principal and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.


I have mentioned before that I would rather pay the bribe and get through before I started screaming "corrupt asshole".  The result would at least get me on the other side of the line where I could lodge a complaint without having to do it from a jail cell.  That said, I very much respect your inclination and laud your determination not to be scammed.  That has been my position all of my life and has brought me nothing but trouble and grief, being a very stubborn person.  However, what I found in foreign countries is that, in effect, you have no rights whatsoever, except those that they are willing to afford you if you are very polite and docile.  However, if you are demanding and vociferous, then you should already have some person or entity that will come to your aid or you are royally fuked.


The ONLY viable solution to this scam is to immediately decriminalize the possession of a bullet(s) and make it such that it is only confiscated at the point of discovery, such that the passenger can continue.  This would entirely eliminate any incentive to use this scam in the future.  I would bet it would have the miraculous result of no more bullets being "discovered" in passengers luggage.  Then the corrupt assholes would have to find some other scam to extort money.  I come to this conclusion since this government is unwilling to do the obvious, which is to arrest the perps, fire the airport manager and replace the staff with better trained and better paid agents.  This will most certainly happen when it snows in Manila.

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Couldn't be a better example of  stupidity. Where do they find these folks? With international news organizations picking up the story, tourists will stay away in droves. Couldn't be a better reason t

My wife wonders why I dislike the Philippines,    I showed her these articles and her response was along these lines,   I was talking to my family last night and they know nothing about it so it

I like the chairmans attitude 

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If they put a stop to the bullet scam the next logical scam will be tiny amounts of marijuana.   Only problem there is it will be more diffficult to say it was seen on the x-ray.   Once the criminal culture has been embedded it is neary impossible to root it out without firing the entire staff and starting over.    Never happen in the 21st most couupt country in the entire world.

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I have mentioned before that I would rather pay the bribe and get through before I started screaming "corrupt asshole".  The result would at least get me on the other side of the line where I could lodge a complaint without having to do it from a jail cell.


Maybe, maybe not. They could still come after you with that damn bullet. If that sounds stupid and illogical, don't forget where you're at.

I think that this one or two bullet scam is running on empty and has minimal credibility now.

Until things change here (politicos and gov't officials) the bullet scam may die but you can bet another scam will come to life. Like another poster said, maybe kiddie p*orn on a memory card or a little shabu residue. If I leave my house it's a rare day that someone, somehow doesn't try to separate me me from my money here.

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Duterte to Aquino: I demand action



12:58 AM November 12th, 2015



Tough-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was irked by President Aquino’s statement downplaying the “tanim-bala” scam at the airports where unscrupulous airport security personnel allegedly put a bullet or two in the luggage of unsuspecting travelers so they will pay up to avoid charges.
Duterte, who continues to go around the country while denying he will run for president, said Aquino should act to put a stop to the racket rather than dismiss the matter as only a few incidents.
“Mr. President I demand (action). Do not give me statistics that it’s only point zero-zero which means it’s only one case in many. That is not a f*cking answer,” Duterte said in an impromptu speech at a gun show attended by top police officials and retired military officials.

Addressing his remarks to Sen. Alan Cayetano, who was also a guest at the gun show, Duterte said the “price” of being President means taking the law in one’s hands to eliminate drug syndicates.
Cayetano, who is running for vice president, is courting Duterte to team up with him in the coming elections.
But while Duterte said he was behind Cayetano, the mayor said their public appearance at the 23rd Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines’ Defense and Sporting Arms Show in SM Megamall Wednesday, did not mean they have formed a tandem.
In a half-hour speech punctuated several times by expletives, Duterte said to end the drug scourge, he would have jailed criminals burned alive, mowed down, or loaded into a ship to be stranded in the Pacific Ocean.
He spoke his mind on a variety of topics, sometimes drawing nervous laughter from the audience like when he cracked a joke about the next President falling down the stairs so Cayetano can assume the post.
While he mostly did not betray a reaction, Cayetano laughed at two instances in Duterte’s rambling speech: when Duterte said Cayetano would kill those involved in illegal drugs and when Duterte said the senator could hope to be pardoned by the next President for his crimes.
The 70-year-old Duterte noted that the tanim-bala scam had been going on for years since he was a city prosecutor for 10 years, claiming that most of the victims were Japanese nationals.
What galls him this time, he said, was that elderly overseas Filipino workers were being victimized, such  as Gloria Ortinez, a 56-year-old OFW returning to Hong Kong, who was apprehended at the airport because of a bullet found in her luggage.
Duterte said the OFW could have been jailed abroad had the airport security personnel there found the bullet believed planted at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
Reminding the President that he has not asked for anything in exchange for his support in the 2010 elections, Duterte said he now “demanded” action from the President.
“I tell you this now. I demand you do something about this,” Duterte said.
The mayor of the country’s largest city insisted he had not changed his mind about running for president, saying reports that he would be the substitute presidential candidate of the PDP-Laban party was just a “press release” since he has not talked to any party officials.
He maintained he was not inclined to run, citing family reasons, his wife’s medical condition and lack of money.
In a statement, Cayetano said that after the gun show opening, he and Duterte had lunch with family members of some of the 44 Special Action Force troopers who were involved in the blotched operation in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.
Cayetano said they offered their legal services for free.

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Case vs ‘bala’ suspect dismissed; ‘bullet harmless without gun’




03:17 PM November 12th, 2015



Another “tanim-bala” suspect turns out to be bullet-proof.
“A bullet is a harmless article without the corresponding gun or firearm to fire it,” a senior assistant city prosecutor said in a resolution dated Nov. 11 that dismissed the criminal case against Gloria Ortinez who was arrested for alleged possession of a bullet at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 on Oct. 25.
In dismissing the case for violation of Republic Act No. 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act, Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Willy V. Chan said that while the bullet was recovered from Ortinez, the authorities failed to prove that she had the intention to possess the ammunition.

“There can be no conviction unless the prosecution shows that the accused knowingly possessed the prohibited articles in his person or that the animus possidendi (intent to possess or malevolent intent to use) is shown to be present together with his possession of such article,” the prosecutor said.
In this case, the prosecutor noted that Ortinez was a 56-year-old overseas Filipino worker, a woman seeking greener pastures abroad. “There is no logical reason why she would possess the ammunition,” he said.
At the same time, the prosecutor added that the photograph of the ammunition for carbine rifle presented during the inquest proceeding of Ortinez was different from what was actually presented during the inquest “thereby casting doubt as to the identity of the subject ammunition.”
“Therefore, for lack of probable cause, the charge for violation of RA 10591 must necessary fail … to secure the innocent against hasty, malicious and oppressive prosecution … and to protect the State from having to conduct useless and expensive trials,” the resolution stated.
Ortinez was arrested after one ammunition for carbine rifle was found inside her hand-carry bag. RC

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Tanim-bala’ victims detail extortion try at Naia in Senate probe



05:12 PM November 12th, 2015



Victims of the alleged “tanim-bala” scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) recounted during a Senate investigation on Thursday how airport security personnel tried to extort money from them and made them admit to owning the bullets found in their luggage.
Lane Michael White with his father Ryan and stepmother Eloisa Zoleta faced the joint hearing of the Senate blue ribbon committee and committee on public services and narrated how they fell victim to the racket.
“We came to start a missionary trip until that happened. Now our plans are on hold,” Ryan, a preacher, told the committee.
Eloisa said that from the United States and China, they flew to the Philippines on Sept. 17. Their flight to Coron, Palawan, however, have been rebooked the following day supposedly due to flight restrictions. She noted that their luggage had been screened when they checked in for their connecting flight.
After spending a night in a hotel, Eloisa said they returned to Naia Terminal 4 the following day.
“Sa initial screening, that’s when it all started,” she said.
Lane said Maria Elma Cena and Marvin Garcia, airport baggage inspectors, instructed him to bring his bag to the scanner several times.
“What happened was when his luggage went to the X-ray (machines), all the security personnel were on the machine and they were looking at the screen. Doon na po sinabi sa kanya na may nakita daw po sa bagahe nya. Pero hindi po pinakita yung X-ray sa amin. Hindi din po sinabi kung ano, sabi lang po meron lang nakita,” Eloisa said.
While the inspectors while checking Lane’s bag, Eloisa said she approached Cena and asked what they were looking for so they could help find it.
“And then sinabi nya, no. You guys have to stand back, and don’t touch the luggage,” she said.
Eloisa said she phoned her brother to report the matter and her brother told her to take a video of what was happening.
She said the supposed bullet was only discovered after several inspections.
After that, Eloisa said they were turned over to a certain SPO2 Rolando Clarin, who asked her to stop taking videos.
Clarin later told her to convince her son to admit to owning the bullet.
“Sabi po sa akin ni SPO2 Clarin, e ayaw pang aminin ng anak mo e. Bakit hindi mo na lang paamin sa anak mo? Sabi ko, huwag po kayong ganyan. Bakit hindi po natin sya tanungin kung kanya po yun o hindi para malaman nyo ang totoo?” she said.
She said she relayed the police officer’s question to Lane.
“‘Lane, the police officer wanted to know if the ammunition is yours,’ and then Lane said, ‘the luggage is mine but the ammunition, the bullet isn’t.’ That what he said,” Eloisa said.
She said another police officer, a certain Junio, came to them and asked them what happened.
After recounting the incident, Eloisa said the police officer told her: “Usually naman pinapalampas namin ang mga nagdadala ng ganyan, sinasabi naming anting-anting pero dito kasi pag inareglo natin yan dito, P30,000, pero ‘pag napasa sa headquarters P80,000.”
Gloria Ortinez, who also fell victim to the scam on Oct. 25, said she was asked to admit to owning a bullet that was found in her luggage while she was on her way to Hong Kong.
Ortinez said the security personnel at the airport were insisting that the red pouch supposedly containing a bullet was hers.
“Dinidiin nila na aminin ko. Bakit ko aaminin e hindi naman galing sa akin?” she said.
“Sabi nila galing daw sa akin yung red pouch, e hindi naman sa akin,” Ortinez added. RC


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Woolf there is a video out today on abs cbn with a NAIA employee admitting to the scam ,

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Woolf there is a video out today on abs cbn with a NAIA employee admitting to the scam ,




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Honrado on ‘tanim-bala’ menace: ‘I’m not in the loop on filing of cases’



06:11 PM November 12th, 2015



THE head of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) was put in a hot seat on Thursday when he admitted during a Senate hearing that he did nothing to look into the filing cases of the people who claimed to have been victimized by the alleged “tanim-bala” scam in Manila’s airports.
MIAA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado made this admission in response to a series of questions thrown at him by Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.
“What did you do about it?” Marcos asked.

“Your honor, I’m not in the loop on the filing of the cases,” Honrado said.
“What did you do to look into the case? You did not look into the case,” the senator asked again, this time referring to the case of Gloria Ortinez, an overseas Filipino worker, who earlier narrated to the joint hearing of the Senate blue ribbon and public services committees on the scam.
“No, I did not because I’m not in the loop on the filing of the cases…” the MIAA chief said.
“It’s sufficient for you to receive a report that there were certain individuals were found to have bullets, allegedly found to have bullets in the bags? And that’s the end of the matter as far as you’re concerned?” Marcos asked.
Honrado said as far as he is concerned, the Philippine National Police followed the due process and it was reported to him.
Marcos then asked about the MIAA chief’s reported statement that he has no control over the 22 agencies that are under his jurisdiction, which he confirmed.
“If you have no control over the agencies in the airport, what is your job?” asked Marcos.
“Your honor, its coordination…” said Honrado.
“But how can you coordinate if you can’t control?” the senator said, noting that in the military, there is command and control.
“You can’t coordinate without command and control,” the senator added.
“Your honor, there is none,” Honrado said, pointing out the “delineation on the legal mandates of every organization.”
“So  you say that you have no responsibility for any  kind of  problem that comes into the airport? Ano’ng trabaho ng General Manager,” Marcos  asked again.
Responding to the senator,  Honrado  said his  main job is to ensure the “smooth flow” of airport operations.

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Honrado on ‘tanim-bala’ menace: ‘I’m not in the loop on filing of cases’



06:11 PM November 12th, 2015

Obviously this guy did not obtain his position because of his abilities.

He should be sacked and an investigation of what assets he has and how he obtained them :idontknow:

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NAIA to open booths for disposal of banned items


07:32 PM November 12th, 2015



MANILA, Philippines — To give passengers a chance to empty their bags of items banned in the airport and on airplanes, booths with disposal bins will be set up starting next week at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).
Two or three “last look” booths will be put up in each of the four NAIA terminals apart from the signage and TV monitors repeatedly playing English and Filipino reminders on prohibited items.
According to Vicente Guerzon Jr., senior assistant general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA),  the booths will be set up at the entrance queuing areas of the terminals. This would give passengers the opportunity to ditch items prohibited at the airport and on the aircraft before they pass through NAIA’s initial security screening checkpoints, Guerzon explained.

Guerzon said that boxes for SPI (security prohibited items) or simply disposal bins would be placed in each booth so passengers or even airport visitors could get rid of things, including bullets either used as talismans or souvenirs, that could cause their being detained or held for questioning by the police.
“The booths will afford passengers privacy so if they intend to dispose of something that might cause them embarrassment, they will be protected,” the MIAA official told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, adding that a passenger would not be questioned on the item he or she got rid of.
The setup of the booths, he said, would complement the MIAA’s enhanced awareness campaign on prohibited items.  The airport authority will place large tarpaulin signage in all terminal entrances and install TV monitors explaining in detail and showing items that must not be placed in both handcarry and checked-in luggage.
“So before they go through the x-ray scanners, they are already made aware of the prohibited items. Knowing this, they can already use the ‘last look’ booths to get rid of whatever banned thing they have with them,” Guerzon explained.
The TV monitors will repeatedly show prohibited items and will have a voice over or writing in both English and Filipino “so it is easily understood.” Tarpaulin signage will also have English and Filipino versions.
“Another innovation is the setup at the NAIA of interrogation rooms with full audio and video recording so everything that is happening inside is transparent,” Guerzon told the Inquirer.
The interrogation rooms will be placed past the initial x-ray scanners so when a bullet is still found on a passenger’s baggage, even after all the reminders and the last look booths, the security cameras can prevent any “shady transaction.”
“Everything will be recorded so we can really prevent any possible extortion activity from happening. It will also discourage a bullet-carrier from making false claims or trying to bribe law enforcement agents,” he pointed out.
All these, Guerzon said, might be in place by next week in time for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.  SFM

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Abaya admits lapses in filing cases vs innocent ‘tanim bala’ victims


07:50 PM November 12th, 2015



Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya admitted on Thursday that there were “certain lapses” on the part of the government that resulted to the arrest of some “innocent” individuals, who were detained and charged for alleged possession of ammunition while traveling in Manila’s airports.
Abaya said that from the very start, he believed that Gloria Ortinez, an overseas Filipino worker who was detained and charged for allegedly carrying a bullet last October 25, was innocent.
If Ortinez was indeed innocent, OFWs advocate and senatorial bet Susan Ople then asked if the government would apologize to the victim, who now risks of losing her job in Hong Kong because of the incident.

Ople, who also heads the Blas Ople Police Center, said she and Ortinez will go to Hong Kong this Saturday to talk to the employer and explain the incident.
“Wala pa akong naririnig kung may regret man lang po ba; mayroon po bang pabaon man lang na humihingi ng depensa sa isang OFW na halata naman pong inonsente?” the senatorial bet said during the joint hearing of the Senate blue ribbon and public services committees.
“Wala man lang po bang magpapabaon ng sorry sa inyo kay Nanay Gloria dahil hindi po namin alam talaga kung may trabaho pa siya o wala sa Hong Kong?” she asked.
“From the very start, noong nagsalita ako, naniniwala ako na walang kasalanan po si Nanay Gloria at ang iba pang mga bisita natin dito,” Abaya said.
But Ople insisted that Ortinez, who she said was “completely” innocent, has to show something that the government made a mistake.
“I do agree, I could write a letter right now. She could bring it with her. I could personally make a call to her (employer), if I could get the number , I’ll call the employer,” Abaya said.
“Obviously, there are certain lapses, may pagkukulang ang ating pamahalaan. Whatever Nanay Gloria would request me to do, I’ll do,” he added.
After the hearing, Abaya approached Ortinez and apologized.
Earlier in the hearing, Abaya promised to come out with a clear policies to look after OFWs “and at the same time also protect our enforcers.” JE


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Salty Dog

Hey Woolf, what gives?


I'm not keeping up with this thread but everytime I log on I see your avatar as the most current post…


Im sure you're keeping everyone in line.


Good job my fellow K9.

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