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not many members here enjoy rice, so I thought I would post a popular recipe our family loves.


Hopefully everyone can participate and we can get a decent mixture of taste & flavors spread around



Corned Beef Hash


1 head of cabbage (diced)

2 small onions (diced)

3 small potatoes (diced)

1 cup corned beef

1 clove garlic (minced)


turn on burner & heat pan. start with potato & onion, cook for a few minutes.


add garlic & cabbage and keep stirring, cabbing will start to sweat down


add corned beef & keep stirring, after about 15 minutes total all should be done


enjoy with a couple eggs or some fresh fruit

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Mooky,for clarification, is this a general recipe thread for non-rice dishes one knows Pilipinos enjoy?

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  • Admin (Retired)

we used to run all the leftovers from st patty's day conrbeef and cabbage meal

through a manual meat grinder ..thee were always potatoes and onions too of coure


that was how we made hash

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Mooky,for clarification, is this a general recipe thread for non-rice dishes one knows Pilipinos enjoy?


nope. I have never fixed anything pinoys didn't enjoy. just have to broaden their palettes


post any recipe here you like, but ingredients should be readily available in Cebu (local ingredients please)


the 1st time I made bean soup (kind of like a hearty vegetable bean soup) they fell in love, never ate many beans before



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  • Admin (Retired)

stuffed squid and pasta is my wife's side of the family favorite thing that i make

from the very first time they ate it all up and came looking for more


easy to make


get a bunch of mid sized squid, nothing huge  but not tiny little ones either


clean them out set all the tentacles aside .. they make nice little pockets once cleaned out.


make a mixture of italian seasoned bread crumbs thin sliced then dices hard salami and mozzarella diced small also


add to the mixture some of the tentacles chopped up and mix it all well


then stuff that in the squid and close everyone with a toothpick 


make your favorite tomato sauce for pasta ... throw in the rest of the tentacles 


and simmer the stuffed quid in the sauce until cooked


make whatever kind of pasta you like then put the sauce over the paste with the stuffed squid


if you have left over stuffing.. save that for a great omelet in the morning 




this is a great dish for filipinos who have had little or no exposure to foods other than their own because it is different but also party recognizable because of the squid.. and you can make the sauce however you like it.. now i've always made proper sauce for this.. but if you wanted you could make it more filipino in flavor


of course you can alter ingredients to what you can find ... 

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  • Administrator
Salty Dog

I cooked chili and jambalaya, but my wife didn't like either one.

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here are my 2 favorites


I haven't made them in Cebu yet (cause we don't have an oven yet)


very simple, very easy (a caveman can make them)







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This is one of my personal recipes...


Bill’s Sweet Heat Chicken

Recipe is for 20 lbs. of chicken (approximately 48 pieces)




Chicken (I prefer drumsticks for this recipe)                                                                                                   20 lbs


Hot marinade

Frank’s Original Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce                                                                                      12 oz

Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce                                                                                                                   10 oz

Pyro Mania Hot Sauce (optional)                                                                                                                    2 oz

Dave’s Gourmet Total Insanity (optional)                                                       about 6 drops (use cautiously)



Kraft Thick ‘n Spicy Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce                                                                                   36 oz

Brown Sugar                                                                                                                                                     2 cups


Or if you’re watching your carbs, substitute


Kraft Carbwell Barbeque Sauce                                                                                                                     36 oz

Brown Sugar Splenda                                                                                                                                 1 ½ cups





Grill the chicken pieces until golden brown (either on a gas grill at lowest setting or under the broiler on a lower rack in your oven. Do not allow the chicken to char.



Mix the marinade ingredients thoroughly.

Dip the chicken pieces in the marinade.

Brush off the excess.

Let sit for 15 minutes.


Oven method

Preheat oven to 425 f.

Mix the Glaze ingredients thoroughly.

Roll the chicken pieces in the glaze and set on foil lined cookie sheets.

Place the chicken in oven for 20 minutes to set glaze.


Slow Cooker method

Mix the Glaze ingredients thoroughly.

Place the chicken in the slow cooker as tightly as possible without damaging the chicken pieces.

Fill all voids between chicken pieces with glaze.

Allow the chicken to slow cook at low setting for 2 to 4 hours.



The chicken can be served immediately or reheated later.  This is a great super bowl party dish because it can be prepared in advance and reheated. Enjoy!

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Mushroom Chicken


Here's a simple mushroom chicken recipe. We usually serve on rice but it is also good on pasta.


Debone 4-6 chicken legs - thigh and drumstick. Cut chicken into cubes. Cut long beans into 1 inch pieces. (Onions, garlic, bell peppers are optional depending on family tastes).


Fry chicken until brown (cooks quickly without the bones). Season with salt and pepper.


Add cream of mushroom (canned Campbell's soup or powdered mushroom soup works fine). Add water as needed.


Add the long beans (I like the beans crunchy, family prefers it soft) and simmer till done.


Serve over rice or pasta.




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I make spaghetti sauce with Cambels tomato soup sometimes... It sounds crazy and people always scoff at it.. until they try it and then they always come back for another bowl full.


1- kilo good ground beef

1-kilo good bacon

3-4 large onions

3- cans tomato soup

1/2 can of milk

1/2 can of water

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

pepper to taste


cut bacon and onion into small chunks and cook through along with the ground beef until it is cooked through but not hard

in a bowl mix soup, milk, water and cheese.

drain off any excess fat from meat and add the soup.. let simmer for a while and serve over linguini of fettuccini..



I know it sounds silly but believe me.. I have never met anyone that didn't love it

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dice chicken to bite size


roll in flour seasoned with lemon pepper to taste


throw into hot wok or pan until almost done


add half cup lemon juice half cup honey/extra lemon pepper if desired and/or some lemon zest


continue stiring to combine and sauce thickens slightly,salt to taste


eat with rice or whatever.

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Sun Tea


Get a gallon glass jar with a screw-on lid. They have them at SM Department Store that also have a spigot near the bottom for serving the tea later. Fill the jar about 2/3 full with clean drinking water. Dangle eight tea bags of your choice into the water with the tags outside the rim. Screw on the lid loosely. You don’t want it tight or the container will pressurize and break as the tea heats, but it should be on well enough to keep the ants out. Leave out in direct sunlight for 3 to 4 hours (depending on how dark you want the tea to be).


Once the tea is brewed, squeeze and remove the tea bags, and sweeten to taste (using white sugar, brown sugar, muscovado sugar or honey). Add whatever mixture of flavorings you like, such as lemon, lime, orange, calamansi (all citrus thinly sliced if used), crushed raspberries, crushed strawberries, mint leaves, basil leaves (any leaves should be slightly bruised before adding), and/or cucumber slices, and let them sit in the warm tea until they soften. Then, add ice to the mix until the jar is full (liquid to the top). This will both chill and dilute the tea, so you need to remember that what brewing and sweetening the tea. Once the tea is cool, it is ready to serve. It is likely that you will still want to serve it in ice-filled glasses to really chill the tea.

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i never had enough brain power to be able to cook anything decent as it requires a level of multi tasking that i can't achieve :)


however i admire everyone of you that can cook and luckily it's my wife's favorite past time.  between her mother and mine she had alot of inspiration and tutoring and is addicted to watching the cooking network and her favorite is ina gartner aka barefoot contessa.  her other favorite who isn't on much these days is emeril lagasse...BAM! 



i hope the majority of you members will come to our big charity bash in december to see and taste bigmook's and my wife's cooking as well as a few other members that will be whipping up some exciting dishes!  if you can't make it for the party then please at least buy a ticket as 100% of the cost of the party is paid for by bigmook and myself and 100% of the ticket sales proceeds is going directly into the LINC Sick Kid's Fund.

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the 1st time I made bean soup (kind of like a hearty vegetable bean soup) they fell in love, never ate many beans before


My favorite bean soup is Portuguese bean soup with Portuguese sausage. Haven't been able to find that here. Closest has been some sausage that a friend brought over from Pampanga.


Another tasty soup that is a meal in itself is a simple corn chowder. Kids love it.


Ham cut into cubes. Large bones with some meat on and marrow in it. Haven't been able to find a nice sized ham with bone.


4-6 medium sized potatoes diced. 1 onion chopped.


1-2 cans creamed corn. 1 bag frozen corn. Milk.


Brown corn in pot. Fill pot half way with water. Add bones and ham cubes and boil/simmer for a couple/few hours until meat is falling off the bone. Add potatoes. When potatoes are tender, add the creamed corn and frozen corn. Add cream or milk to taste.


It's another pretty easy non-rice meal. I usually serve with Skyflakes. 

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recipes, hmm.


the best thing you can do


is to buy whatever comes out of the sea that morning


cut it into bite size pieces; grill it on sticks 


and drink it with iced san mig


mussels clams squid scallops crab meat. whatever

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