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How bad are Filipino doctors?

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One of the most basic problems is the brain drain of talented medical professionals. Many are going to other countries to get vastly better pay. A Filipino friends relative just had a radical mastectomy, turns out she did not have breast cancer at all, but she still is very sick. My Filipino friends do not think the doctors in Cebu are too good. We all know about how dengue fever is rampant yet at Chung Hua, probably the best hospital in Cebu, has no screens on the windows just runway lights to help the mosquitoes find you. If you have to stay there the food is cold native Filipino food I could not eat if I was not sick. If you wind up sick in Cebu it will be a big help to have some people watching out for your best interest and money. There are some good doctors there, but the facilities are not the best. And I now have a permanent strong aversion the attractive and cute 20 year old nurses that had to practice there needle work on me, he he. I not kidding they poked me to death!

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Another problem is that becoming an MD can in many cases be a "family tredition"... If the child is not of MD quality, money will get them through Medical School. After a couple generations of this, you have a bunch of idiots breeding more idiots that all end up with MD behind their name...They aren't smart enough to be a doctor, don't want to be in mediciine, but love the title and power that goes with it. Of course these are GP's, they might actually have to show some intelligence and knowledge to get into a speciality, but of course if they really want it and the money is behind them, they can also do that, as long as it is not a speciality that would often kill someone.


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