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marriage or live in partner


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  1. 1. Marriage? Or, live in partner?

    • Marriage!
    • Just live together!
    • Prefer to live alone.
    • Doesn't matter to me.

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Prefer not to have a bunch of bastards running about the home.  

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Just a note, me and wifey lived together for a couple of years, didn't get married mainly because Im the worlds biggest procrastinator, so after my son came along, thinking of the benefits being marri

Some reasons to get married:   #1 Don’t need to ask her name again when you get up in the morning. #2 Sharing your life with someone if you found someone who enjoys what you do, a soulmate? #3 DINK:

Although my wife has never mentioned that, that is exactly why I married her. Filipinas hear so much bullshit from foreigners e.g. calling them their wife when they're not and professing undying love

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Marriage or live in partner


I dont see any reasons to get married :D

You can do everything what a married person can do while staying single and more


So for those of you who are or were married

What was your reason?


You can love her without marriage

You can have sex without marriage

You can live with her without marriage



Me thinks there is a basic flaw in the poll. Represents our fantasy of what we think marriage should or should not be. In today's modern world, the choices should be more like this:


1. Marriage, till death do us part.

2. Marriage, until he/she runs out of money.

3. Marriage, with a mistress on the side.

4. Marriage, with another person of the same sex.

5. Marriage, to make kids.

6. Marriage, because we have kids.

7. Marriage, with a prenuptial agreement to preserve my assets.

8. Marriage, as long as he/she lives in another state.

9. Marriage, to reduce our tax burden.

10. Marriage, with the option to divorce/remarry as needed.

11. Marriage, until her breasts or his peepee sags.

12. Marriage, as long as he/she remains submissive/dominant/whatever.

13. Marriage, because a man needs a maid.

14. many more options than I can think of.


So, which marriage are we talking about?? 

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