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Bavarian Soft Pretzel


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there was nothing much better as a kid than going in to manhattan near Christmas to see the tree at rockafeller center , the widows at macy's, and the Christmas spectacular at radio city music hall on money Dad and Mom saved up all year .. and getting fresh roasted chestnuts and a big hot pretzel with just a touch of char on it here and there while waiting in line..

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What a memory.....mine is we used to go this dept store up the street when I was a little kid and this old man sold a bag for fifty cents at the exit and mom would always get me one.


She's still alive, in great health and will probably outlive me but still a good memory lol

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the widows at macy's


They must have been lonely during the holidays.  Did you console them?




I remember taking an Xmas trip to NYC when I was maybe 9.   I think we stayed an Albert Pick hotel.

I remember Mom smuggling in an electric frying pan to cook in the hotel room, and freezing on the Circle Line tour boat.   :)


For some reason, I've been thinking of a bagel/soft pretzel hybrid, maybe in the form of a breadstick.

Chewy, with some fresh bits of hot peppers in the dough, and maybe some cheese.


Thinking about it makes me want a beer to go with my imaginary food.



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When I was a kid growing up in Lancaster pa I used to earn money by selling soft pretzels.

Used to go to the bakery every morning buy hot fresh pretzels,sell them before I went to school. A good memory!!!

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Pennsylvania has a few different pretzel types


the typical Philly style pretzel. warn, doughy, chewy and long. (originated in Lancaster, PA). not good once cooled down, IMHO


readily available at Federal Pretzel, Center City Pretzel, Philadelphia Pretzel Factory








the amish type is still available at the Reading Market from Millers Twist Pretzel






but my favorite is the Malted Pretzel from Wawa


soft but not too soft, little chewy, served at room temp and good for days



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