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Cook your beans over an open fire


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i read on this forum or perhaps another some chaps having difficulties coking dried beans (kidney, White haricots, pintos etc). . I know they will take forever cooking over a gas stove. I have changed my diet,  from spuds and pasta to beans. I simply love chilli beans, pork n beans, cassoulet but the time spent cooking them was very disheartening. My wife came up with a good solution to put all the soaked beans in a cauldron (separate containers like a pressure cooker, then on top of an open fire in the dirty kitchen. A few hours later, at the expensive of a few pieces of wood, I have delicious smokey tasting beans ideal for chilli con carne, pork nuckle wite beans, and beans sinigang, I just love the sweet and sour taste of tarmarind. 

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Start them the night before by letting them stand in water, will be softer and cook faster. But make sure you pore of the water after and start with fresh.


If you really want to mix up a good pot, get your self two ham hocks. Here in the US we can't get hocks in the store that are not smoked, way over board on the smoke flavor must be a liquid. There in the Philippines easy to get cause they killing and chopping every morning. Have them cut it off the bone with a saw so the marrow cooks out.


White navy or pinto beans, just a little diced onion, just a tea spoon of worchestershire?, don't over cook, get them of the heat and let them rest a wile.


Don't forget to send me a message...I'll be right over.      :yahoo:

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A few hours later, at


Dave, there is no way known that dried beans, probably from Bonitas where I buy mine, will cook in "a few hours".

I soak overnight then simmer the next day for a few hours.

Then they go, boiling, into a thermos over night.

Next day they are simmered a few more hours until reasonably tender.

At that point they are cooled then frozen in small batches.

My guess is that simmering on a wood fire you'd be looking at 8 hours at least

Red beans take longer than white.


By the way, I'd like to get hold of a bit of that Thai basil you have there.

By, by the way, Salcedos have some wholegrain outs.



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