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Pro surfer survive bashing by locals at Philippines surfing event.

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wish i could see a diagram or something of where they surf and where he had floated out to comparatively 

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In Texas we refer to it as an attitude adjustment.   I have lived in the Surigao City, Dinagat Island and Siargao Island area for 7 years now. In all that time I have had no problems with the locals

Absolute fecking disgrace , did he molest somebody? Even if he is an asshole the behaviour by the locals was worse than whatever he done ,  What bats and bottles? as a get even move , please , a very

Why to people keep referring to it as a "fight"?   It was not a fight.   They wanted the guy removed and they removed him. (if it was in America the six armed cops would have probably put a dozen

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Wow...I read this article, and think the locals showed incredible restraint in allowing this idiot to walk away with a few scrapes and broken surf board. And I wonder how this thread would read had it started with this article? And to think a "professional surfer" could not have easily swam away from 5 drunk Filipino men with bats, who were going after his board to begin with?

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No need to physically attack the bum.....surely 5 guys could drag him back to the beach and tell him to leave the island before the day ended.........If this method was used, the boy would have copped heaps from the local surfing fraternity in Oz. A set time banning from any organised surf events and we hold more events every weekend than Phil would in 2 years, so that is how to deal with guys like him.........


If you want to give him a touch up, do it later away from the cameras......as it is publicity like this only hurts the local competition!

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The number of tourists may be increasing, but a percentile analysis shows that the Philippines is at the bottom of the pile. Negative media attention, whether warranted or not, results in fewer tourists -- I don't think it's a major jump in logic to reach that conclusion.


I think that is a huge jump in logic. In 1998, the Philippines had 1,049,357 foreign visitors, while in 2015 (if trends continue as they have through July), they will get more than 5.3 million foreign visitors. That is more than a 500% jump in tourists. I have no idea what kind of increases the other SEA countries have had in that 18 year period, but a 500% increase is a lot. Each if the countries in SEA has different things going for and against them. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are long-time popular vacation spots for Australia and New Zealand. Of course, Thailand is a vacation destination for Europe and North America too, as well as tourists from other Commonwealth countries visiting Malaysia (since it is easy to do). Those are not recent phenomena. Vietnam has a lot of nostalgia (both good and bad) for a lot of Americans...many of whom want to bury old memories and can now afford the trip.

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Time to split a topic? Or, maybe just close this one? 

Okay. Closed.

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