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Allowance for a GF in the Philippines

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A lot of assumptions have been made in a lot of the replies. I guess it would have been easier to have just asked the guys who live in the Philippines what allowance do you give your non working girlfriend.


A lot of Filipinas have given up a lot more than a nursing job to be with a gut they love, maybe not love but want a better life. A lot have moved to other countries some for the better some not so. A lot of guys from failed marriages outside the Philippines all seem to think they are some kind of relationship advisor, life coach. If you fail at something (some several times) how do you become a subject matter expert????

If the assumptions are incorrect, by all means correct us. As I read it you said:


1. You are just starting out with a girl.

2. She is a working nurse.

3. You do not want to get married.

4. You have 1/2 the year off of your work.

5. You were considering asking her to leave her job, be with you on your off time, and you would support her.


So based on that my opinion (worthless but you asked for opinions) would be:


1. That based on her relatively good job there was no need for providing an allowance.

2. That based on your intention not to marry that she shouldn't give up her job.


And yes my answer might have been different if the circumstances you described were different. No one size fits all. You are certainly correct that a lot of Filipinas give up more than just a nursing job to be with their kano. My wife did. But those women generally did that on the basis of a lifetime commitment. 


Whichever way you decide to go - good luck!

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Had my fiancée open a bank account with debit card. I always kept her account balance between 50k and 100k. She used mostly the debit card for her expenses and I was able to monitor all the account activity online. She spent an average of 20k per month. That paid for all her expenses including simple but spacey 2-room apartment in Cavite (4k) and help to the family in the province (3-5k per mo). It was also a test for her honesty and financial savvy. She passed and now we are married living in the US. The support period was 2013 -2014.

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