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Ransom Time Again - Mindanao Kidnapping

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1 of these guys sounds like a man i met in davao several years ago?


is anybody aware of the type of "yacht"? the bloke i met had a largeish fibreglass boat! he also worked for a gold mining company.

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Yes I know that I am constantly proven wrong by living in a safe and beautiful area on Mindanao for the last 7 years, I am so convoluted and delusional because I have not listened to those who have ne

We have a trip planned to Samal Island next  Sunday.  After this happened my wife said " I guess we arent going to Samal on Sunday now ? "  My reply to her " of course we are going- because i can guar

Careful, you're gonna get the Mindanao posse all riled up! They claim Davao City is the safest place in the Philippines and Samal Island is right under Hoss Duterte's nose. This can't be happening,

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Well if they do any research they know who has some cash and who don't... to get power you need money and so that is the modern day terrorist its about the money


First you get the money. Then when you get the money you get the power. When you get the power then you get the women.



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I think the difference is James is not walking around a resort in swimwear. Anyone came near his place he would shoot the bastards.


I can personally vouch for this.


Last time I try and visit Musslewhite unannounced, haha.

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3 foreigners, 1 Filipina abducted in Samal Island

(UPDATED) The victims include a Norwegian resort executive, his Filipino girlfriend, and two Canadian guests. Two Japanese nationals are hurt after they fought off the armed men who tried to kidnap them as well. 



Karlos Manlupig Editha Caduaya 

Published 10:12 AM, September 22, 2015 

Updated 4:28 PM, September 22, 2015 


ABDUCTED. (Left to right) Robert Hall, Kjartan Sekkingstad, and John Ridsdel are among the 4 people abducted from a resort in Samal Island, Davao del Norte, on September 21, 2015. Photos from the PNP 


DAVAO CITY, Philippines (UPDATED) – Three foreigners – two Canadians and a Norwegian – and a Filipina were abducted in a resort in Samal Island in Davao del Norte late Monday night, September 21, authorities confirmed.

Police identified the victims as Norwegian resort manager Kjartan Sekkinstad, 56, and his Filipina girlfriend only identified as "Tess;" and Canadian guests John Ridsdel, 68, and Robert Hall, 50.

Philippine National Police Region 11 authorities said on Tuesday, September 22, that 11 armed men stormed the Holiday Oceanview Resort at around 11:23 pm on Monday and forcibly took the 4 victims with them.

Investigators said the perpetrators attempted to kidnap a Japanese couple but failed after spouses Steven and Kazuka Tripp fought back.

"Some of the armed men barged into the yacht of spouses Steven and Kazuka Tripp trying to abduct them, but the two fought back and managed to escape," authorities said.

The Tripps were rushed to the hospital after sustaining head injuries from the scuffle.

Responding to questions in a news conference on Tuesday, Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesman Colonel Restituto Padilla said that the commotion created by the Japanese couple might have "alerted" others in the area "to hide or make their escape" from the armed men.


The police said the armed men used two motorized outriggers. State security forces are now conducting pursuit operations.

Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao Commander Rafael Mariano said that the kidnappers' pump boat was headed towards the direction of Pantukan in Compostela Valley.

Police Regional Director Wendy del Rosario said authorities will hold a conference on Tuesday, September 22, to coordinate action on the abduction. A joint task force will be created in relation to the incident.

Captain Albert Caber, Public Information Officer chief of the Eastern Mindanao Command, said in an interview on ANC that the area where the abduction took place had 30 people, mostly foreigners. 

Joint efforts

Padilla that the military is working with police authorities in tracking down the abductors.

“For the moment we can assure the public that the joint forces of government, led by the police along with the air assets of the Air Force, the naval assets of the Navy, are all working hand-in-hand with our land forces where the Army units are located, hopefully to locate and catch these abductors and rescue the victims,” Padilla said.

When asked, he said that the group behind the abduction has not been determined. Padilla also said that contrary to earlier reports, the abductors had small arms, and not high-powered weapons. They were also fluent in English and Filipino.

Samal Island, known as the "Island Garden City," experienced a similar incident in 2001.

On midnight of May 22, 2001, members of the Abu Sayyaf group attacked Pearl Farm, which is about 10 minutes from Holiday Oceanview. They killed two employees and hurt 3 others, but were unable to take hostages. – Rappler.com

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Where did you meet those psychos?


Sounds like another day at Cebu BoI.

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I find out the person that owned the resort also owns many other businesses including the gym I go to...Maybe that has something to do with the kidnapping ....For realestate its location location location and kidnapping its money money money..

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After looking at the video it seems to me they are not very organized kidnappers.  i think just 1 well trained guy with a handgun could have probably taken the entire lot of them out.

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Jeez. How many duplicates can we get? Does anyone read the titles before they post a new topic? I think this is number 3.

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My emabassy advises me not to go there... I take their advice seriously.

I think most here seem to think the warnings are some kind of joke. Personally, I think the various embassies are likely to have way better sources of info than LinC members.

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I can personally vouch for this.


Last time I try and visit Musslewhite unannounced, haha.


My neighbors did point you in every direction but to my place. :biggrin_01: 




I live a simple clean life and am respectful to me neighbors and my wife dresses simple and is down to earth. My wife lived in the US and worked hard but never forgot that she was a simple sea girl raised beside a rice patty. We do not put on airs and act like we are superior to those around us. I lived in an area of Surigao City that the locals try to avoid at night yet my wife and I could walk around safe even in the wee morning hours and never felt threatened. I grew up in inner city Houston between Montross and the Hights and learned to be street smart and maintain an awareness around me, and as an independent businessmen I learned how to both read and treat people. There is one thing that a man will both live or die for, and it is something so few Filipinos give or receive here in the Philippines. That thing is 'respect'. I simply treat others around me as I would want to be treated. I do not demand from others that I am no willing to do myself.


When I found myself in the middle of a murder case and I had murders stalking me and my family, the expat community here in Surigao City could not be trusted, This was because some of the expat wives were friends of the prime suspect and it had become apparent that either knowingly or unknowingly they were helping someone who was willing to point hired thugs at me and my family as well as another expat trying to assist. I had to then totally withdraw from the Surigao City expat group and cease all communication and interaction with all but a mere few I felt were safe but it was the locals that put themselves on the line to protected me and my family. It was the locals who kept a watchful and challenge strangers they saw lurking around our place. I am a poor man who does not try to pretend being anything other than what I am and who treats my neighbors with kindness and respect. I feel safe here because of my neighbors.


I know you have a satisfying family life on Siargao Island as I do here on Dinagat Island and that we both know Surigao City and live on Mindanao pretty good. Like me you understand were one can travel and where to totally avoid here on Mindanao. We understand that there are war zones and hot spots and we simply avoid traveling in or through those areas. Mindanao is a huge island with mountainous topography, woodlands and jungles which divides the countryside into diverse regions of which many are very isolated or have been areas of conflict for literally decades. I personally think members trying to judge the whole of Mindanao for what happens in only a few isolated region is rather ridiculous and making comments about living here by members who have never set foot on Mindanao is utterly ridiculous There are a lot of members of this forum who live fulfilling lives here on Mindanao. In the last 10 years has anyone actually heard of one forum member ever been kidnapped? Yes some expats have been murdered here in the Surigao city area. There was a German man who was repeatedly stabbed who they believed struggled during a robbery. There was a Canadian man who is believed to have been murdered by his wife. There was a young Swiss man who the PNP believe was killed by another Swiss man. I have seen far more expats in the Surigao City who were killed by their own hands, simply drank themselves to death, died because of not properly taking care of their own health. or took a fatal fall from a motorcycle. I just lost a good friend last week because of diabetes and simply losing his will for life. Lost another two years ago because of booze and pills who dies of a blood infection. Shit just happens. Every time there is a kidnapping in Southern Mindanao it hits the news and the Chicken 'Little crowd' get all excited. I would guess more expats and their families have been murdered in Cebu this year than have been murdered in here on Mindanao. I would also venture to say that over the years there have been more kidnapped and bombing by the NPA and Muslim groups in other regions of the Philippines than here on Mindanao but that always seems to somehow slid under the radar.          

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My emabassy advises me not to go there... I take their advice seriously.


And we are better here for it. Thank you for your cooperation. :rofl:


but you do know that technically Siargao Island is part of Mindanao? And they certainly have their far spare of Nice People Around.  :biggrin_01:

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Canuck Joe

Sucks to be those guys.

If you want to be a target just cruise up in a yacht...or a Corvette downtown Cebu ;)


Who knows, these kidnappers probably have scouts all over the place to tip off when a mark shows up. I've been to that Island and as always, kept a low profile.

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Provinces in Mindanao continue to be the least developed in the country. Continued perception of being 'exploited' by the north. Poverty and death from conflict is a tried and true method of recruitment for terrorist groups - no matter how many heads get chopped off.


Not really, check out Samar some time...its just as bad there.(except mostly they kill each other) 

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Here come the first travel warnings. Please make sure these go viral ;)



FCO issues new warning after kidnapping at Filipino holiday resort

British travellers are being warned not to visit Mindanao in the southwest Philippines where four people were snatched from a tourist resort on the island.
Two Canadians, a Norwegian and a local woman were abducted by  gunmen late last night from the Holiday Oceanview resort on Samal Island, near Davao City on Mindanao.
Philippine authorities have named the Canadian tourists as John Ridsel and Robert Hall. The Norwegian, Kjartan Sekkingstad, is the manager of the resort. The Filipino woman hasn't been named but she is believed to be the partner of one of the kidnapped Canadians.
A local army spokesman said it appeared the four were picked out deliberately by their kidnappers, rather than selected at random.
The attackers and their hostages fled by boat and a naval blockade was set up around the island to prevent them reaching another island in the southwest known as a hideout for militants.
The Foreign Office has updated its advice, which was already warning against all travel to southwest Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago  'because of ongoing terrorist activity and clashes between military and insurgent groups'.
It also advises against all but essential travel to the remainder of Mindanao for the same reason.
The FCO said: "There is a threat from kidnapping, particularly in the southern Philippines. Kidnapping could occur anywhere, including on coastal and island resorts and on dive boats and sites in the Sulu Sea.
"Foreigners have been targeted in rural, urban and coastal areas in the past. On 21 September a group of foreigners were reported kidnapped from a boat near a resort on Samal Island in Davao del Norte.
"The long-standing policy of the British government is not to make substantive concessions to hostage takers. The British government considers that paying ransoms and releasing prisoners increases the risk of further hostage taking."
Canada issues Davao, ARMM travel ban in light of Samal kidnapping
DAVAO CITY – The Canadian government has advised Canadians against traveling to the Davao region and nearby areas, including the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao due to what it said was “serious threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping.”
However, in an advisory posted on its website, the Canadian government said it has no nationwide advisory for the Philippines.
“However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to an ongoing terrorist threat to Westerners and Western interests,” it said.
The advisory cited, among other reasons, the abduction of three foreigners in Island Garden City of Samal on Monday for the travel ban. Two of the victims, John Ridsdel, a former mining executive and Robert Hall, were Canadians. The third foreign victim, Kjartan Sekkingstad, was Norwegian.
“If you are visiting or living in this region despite this advisory, review your security situation regularly and take appropriate precautions, particularly when visiting places frequented by foreigners,” the advisory read.
In banning travel to other Mindanao provinces such as those in the ARMM and western and central Mindanao, the Canadian government said the “threat of terrorist activities exists throughout the country, including in major cities.”
“Bombings, shootings and kidnappings have occurred on public transportation, at airports, in shopping malls and in other public areas. Foreigners and places frequented by foreigners have been targeted. Explosive devices continue to be discovered by security authorities,” it said.
The advisory also urged Canadian citizens in these areas to “be vigilant and comply with all security procedures.”
“Expect to be subject to frequent security checks at public and private facilities, including shopping malls and public transportation stations,” the advisory added.
They should also avoid “travel outside urban areas and tourist [centers] after dark,” according to the advisory.



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