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Ransom Time Again - Mindanao Kidnapping

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Since the army and the intelligence are involved, why are they arresting the terrorists? Shouldn't they keep everything in secret?

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Yes I know that I am constantly proven wrong by living in a safe and beautiful area on Mindanao for the last 7 years, I am so convoluted and delusional because I have not listened to those who have ne

We have a trip planned to Samal Island next  Sunday.  After this happened my wife said " I guess we arent going to Samal on Sunday now ? "  My reply to her " of course we are going- because i can guar

Careful, you're gonna get the Mindanao posse all riled up! They claim Davao City is the safest place in the Philippines and Samal Island is right under Hoss Duterte's nose. This can't be happening,

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Since the army and the intelligence are involved, why are they arresting the terrorists? Shouldn't they keep everything in secret?


of course and keep sharing out ransoms,,,,,,,,,, :yahoo:  who needs OFW's etc when u got bucketloads being handed out all over the country

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publicly announcing that you have arrested terrorists is not the proper way to deal with them.




They're acting like police while they should act like CIA or FSB.

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publicly announcing that you have arrested terrorists is not the proper way to deal with them.


these matters allways end in a public announcement,,with the assistance of Military/Police/Barangay captains/Mayors and assorted other beneficiaries ,,,AFTER the individuals pay their ransom!


they have the listening and locating capabilities,,

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these matters allways end in a public announcement,,with the assistance of Military/Police/Barangay captains/Mayors and assorted other beneficiaries ,,,AFTER the individuals pay their ransom!


they have the listening and locating capabilities,,

I don't know why people are asking about the security guards. True to form they would probably be asleep.


As to what is known its is the Philippines. Everybody knows talks texts and chismis. Just a matter of sorting out fact and fantasy before its dealt with.


I just looked at another likely objective on Facebook just a boat ride from Jolo. A minute had me looking at what was a luxurious island resort with google maps. If I can do it so easily a terrorist can soon use the profits of one kidnapping to plan the next with a smartphone and a days gosurf. Like the boat pirates of Somalia its looks like it will be a thriving industry.

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Oz Jon

Here is a lead to a "first-hand witness" report of the kidnapping (from the Noonsite cruising sailor website)




[it was published on 25 Sept and contains a few new (previously unpublished) facts]


extract below (slightly edited to improve presentation):-


Cruisers Abducted from Ocean View Resort Marina - updated with first person report

Noonsite has now received an accurate statement about what happened on the night of 21st September from cruiser Luc Callebaut of SY Slopemouche who is currently berthed in the Ocean View Marina.


At about 2320 on Monday night, 21 Sep 2015, the marina and boat yard here on Samal Island, Davao, Philippines, was attacked by a group of about ten armed and as yet unidentified men, apparently intent on taking four hostages.

It was a difficult situation with two cruisers hurt and others badly frightened by the altercations on the docks.


It appeared from the CCTV camera footage that after landing on the NE corner of the outer breakwater in two local boats, the group of armed men split up and spread out into the facility including the two marina docks.  Two cruisers that were still awake were taken from each dock.  Two other cruisers that resisted were hurt, not seriously, but were not taken.


Included in those taken was the yard manager, who was responding to cries for help from the docks.

The two guards on the property were unable to respond in time to prevent the abductions. 


The incident was over and the group had boarded their boats and escaped with the 4 hostages, within about 15 minutes.


Not long afterwards, the police, military and island officials arrived and a search was initiated.  Shortly after that, the bottom of Davao Gulf was sealed off by a Navy and Coast Guard blockade, and the military had search units combing the Gulf of Davao shores for the boats.  By the following morning, mayors from all the towns on the Gulf had been contacted to be on the lookout for these boats.


On Tuesday afternoon the two boats used by the armed men were found abandoned on the Davao Gulf eastern shore and the search and tracking efforts are continuing.  No positive identification of the persons involved has been made and no group has as yet claimed responsibility.


The incident has drawn the attention of the world media, and the President of the Philippines has made the recovery of the hostages one of his top priorities.  All of the Philippine military and police services are involved in the search.


During a meeting held by the marina owners on 23 Sep, the resident cruisers were given a briefing on the status of the investigation and the search for the hostages.  Also, they were given a description of the substantial planned security improvements for the facilities, including a possible permanent military contingent, all to be supervised by a new staff security manager.  Because of the absence of the yard manager, temporary yard and marina managers will be appointed in the near future so that the facilities can remain open for business.


In summary, the Holiday Ocean View Marina and yard facilities here on Samal Island remain intact and will continue business as usual.  In view of the unexpected incident, the security will be greatly improved with facility upgrades and  additional guards and training.


None of the 50-plus boats currently in the marina have plans to leave because of this incident.  The location of the marina south of the NW Pacific typhoon zone and the quality of facilities and surrounding area are just too good to consider moving elsewhere.


For anyone reading this that had plans to come to the marina in the next few months, they should contact the marina at [email protected] in order to confirm their intentions.


(Editor's Note: The four cruisers abducted were Canadian John Ridsdel of the catamaran Aziza, Canadian Robert Hall and his partner of the yacht Renova, and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad of yacht Wiskun.)

Edited by Oz Jon
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Latest updates.


Small group ‘run by ex-Marine’ behind kidnapping of Samal tourists

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – The group that snatched three foreigners and a Filipino woman from the Island Garden City of Samal on September 21 were not members of the Abu Sayyaf, a senior Moro leader said.
Habib Hashim Mudjahab, chair of the Sulu-based Islamic Command Council, a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), said based on a report reaching his group, the kidnappers were “a small group” and did not have links with the Abu Sayyaf.
“They are not members of the Abu Sayyaf,” Mudjahab told the Philippine Daily Inquirer by phone on Tuesday.

He said MNLF members have been closely monitoring the group – which he did not identify – as they could hand over the victims to the Abu Sayyaf.
“They are monitoring it to prevent this small group from handing over the four captives to a much bigger and organized group of Abu Sayyaf,” he said.
Mudjahab said he was informed by a friend in Davao that the kidnapping of Canadians John Ridsdel and Robert Hall; Hall’s female Filipina friend Marites Flor; and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad was implemented by a “small group of kidnappers” and the kidnapping was “masterminded by a retired military officer.”
“I was told a retired Marine general based in Davao City was the mastermind and he operated using small and organized group to get the captives and hand the captives to another small group of young bandits in Parang, Sulu,” Mudjahab said.
Pressed for the identity of the alleged retired Marine officer, Mudjahab said: “I don’t have his identity. I was just informed by a friend.”
He, however, said that “we cannot definitely say 100 percent these information were factual.”
Brig. Gen. Allan Arrojado, commander of the Joint Task Group Sulu, said the military didn’t “have anything concrete to say” on the kidnapping as of yet.
“We don’t have updates about them, we don’t know where they are now,” he said.
“What we are doing right now is focusing our efforts in combat operations against the Abu Sayyaf,” he said by phone


2 suspects investigated for possible involvement in Samal abduction

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/07 October) — Two suspects in the kidnapping of three foreigners and a Filipina in Samal Island, Davao del Norte last Sept. 21 have been placed under investigation after they were arrested at 11 p.m. Sunday in Davao City.

Police identified the suspects as Bandajar Dangin Adona, 38, a resident of Pantukan in Compostela Valley and Tirso Lugnasin, 40, of the same province.

In a press conference Wednesday at a hotel here, Supt. Antonio Rivera, spokesperson of the Police Regional Office (PRO) 11 said Adona and Lugnasin were arrested in Tibungco, Davao City by members of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

Adona has an outstanding warrant for kidnapping, serious illegal detention and murder charges issued by the Regional Trial Court Branch 3 of Compostela Valley.

Rivera said they could not confirm if any of the arrested suspects were really involved in the abduction, although he was told that one of them bears resemblance to the kidnapper whose face was caught on closed circuit television camera or CCTV.

Authorities were reviewing the CCTV footage.

In a press briefing held at the PRO 11office days after the incident, Chief Supt. Federico Dulay Jr. said they had submitted the CCTV footage for enhancement to the Philippine National Police’s Cybercrime Division.

On the same day, authorities released a composite sketch of one of the suspects based on the description given by couple Steven and Kazuka Tripp who managed to jump off the yacht after resisting the kidnappers.

The suspect was described as male, between 25 to 30 years old, medium built, dark, and between 5’2 and 5’3 in height.

Dulay, chief of the Special Investigation Task Group, said he is trying to establish the possible involvement of the two in the incident.

The arrest would help unmask the group behind the kidnapping if it could be proven that the suspects were involved in it, he said.

He said police filed criminal charges against Adona and Lugnasin for violation of Republic Act No. 10591, an “act providing for a comprehensive law on firearms and ammunition” as they were allegedly in possession of illegal firearms and explosives when they were arrested.

“Ang existing warrant arrest has nothing to do with the Samal kidnapping. We are trying our best kung sino ang involved dito, ang group responsible for the incident,” he clarified.

Rivera said they could not confirm whether the abductors and the hostages are now in Sulu, contrary to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s statement to media that they were taken there by a group believed to have links to the Abu Sayyaf.

As of Wednesday, the abductors have neither made contacts with authorities nor issued any statement on the condition of the victims, namely: Kjartan Sekkingstad, 56, a Norwegian; Canadian nationals John Ridsdel, 68, and Robert Hall, 50; and Hall’s Filipina partner Maritess Flor.

Ridsdel is president of TVI Minerals Processing Inc. a firm providing mineral mining services, with main office in Pasig City but with business interests in Mindanao. He is also a member of the board of rustees for 2015-2016 of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Inc.

He was senior vice president and chief executive officer of the TVI Resource Development from August 2008 to April 2011.

TVIRD, which first operated a gold and silver mine in Canatuan, Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte, is the Philippine affiliate of TVI Pacific Inc., a publicly listed Canadian mining company focused on the exploration and production of precious and base metals from district-scale, large-system, high-margin projects located in the Philippines.
(Antonio L. Colina IV/MindaNews)

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A video has been uploaded showing the hostages. They are now in the hands of the Abu Sayyaf.



Three foreign men and a Filipina kidnapped last month in the southern Philippines have appeared in a video posted online, making demands for the Islamic militants who abducted them.
Gunmen raided a luxury marina near the major southern city of Davao on September 21, abducting the Norwegian owner of the resort, two Canadian tourists and one of their girlfriends.
No group immediately claimed responsibility but the video uploaded on YouTube on Monday appeared to confirm it was the Abu Sayyaf, which has a long history of kidnappings-for-ransom in the southern Philippines.
In the video, the three foreigners appealed for Philippine authorities to halt military assaults against the gunmen.
The hostages were sitting on the ground, surrounded by at least eight men holding high-powered machine guns. One man also holds a large knife.
After the three foreigners spoke, one of the gunmen, with a scarf and sunglasses completely covering his face, spoke in English, repeating his demand for military operations to stop against “us”.
He said once the military operations stopped, the kidnappers would be prepared to start negotiations for the hostages’ freedom.
In all other Abu Sayyaf kidnappings of foreigners, the group has demanded and often received large sums of money for the release of its captives.
The Canadians abducted were John Ridsdel, 68, and Robert Hall, 50, and the Norwegian resort owner was Kjartan Sekkingstad, 56.
Hall’s girlfriend, Marites Flor, was also abducted. She did not speak in the video.
Philippine authorities had previously said they did not know if the Abu Sayyaf was behind the abductions, nor where the hostages were being held.
This was despite security analysts saying it was almost certain the Abu Sayyaf was responsible, and that the victims were being held on Jolo island, the group’s stronghold about 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) south of Manila.
In the video, Ridsdel referred specifically to nearby artillery fire and to overhead flights.
When asked to comment on the demands, the regional military spokesman for the area, Captain Antonio Bulao, told AFP troops had conducted an assault that included artillery fire against an Abu Sayyaf leader on Jolo on October 8.
Bulao, spokesman for the Western Mindanao command, said the assault was aimed at Radullan Sahiron, who is on the US government’s list of most wanted “terrorists”.
Sahiron was involved in the kidnappings of three Americans in 2001 from a resort in the southwestern Philippines, according to a US government website, which offers a $1 million reward for bringing him to justice.
One of the Americans was beheaded.
Bulao said Sahiron was believed to be currently holding a Dutch birdwatcher kidnapped from a southern Philippine island in 2012, as well as two unnamed Filipinos.
The Abu Sayyaf is holding three other foreigners, a Korean and two Malaysians, military officials told AFP earlier.
An Abu Sayyaf leader appeared online last year pledging allegiance to Islamic State.
But Philippine authorities and security analysts say the group has little religious ideology, and is primarily concerned with getting money through kidnappings.
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Get all hostages out then kill all of them.No fuking around.Tell all innocent to leave the area than bomb the living crap out of it and do not stop.Get many

countries involved in 24/7 bombing.


Then an all out effort to kill off all NPA,no more,this is ridicules.Quit the fuking around Philippines.Or let the USA take care of it once and for all times.Philippines obviously can't handle shit.

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In a related development, they have identified the leader of the Dipolog kidnapping as a well known leader of a local kidnapping group who was arrested then released on bail for an earlier kidnapping.  This of course begs the question why on earth would they allow a known kidnapper to be released on bail in the first place?

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Get all hostages out then kill all of them.No fuking around.Tell all innocent to leave the area than bomb the living crap out of it and do not stop.Get many

countries involved in 24/7 bombing.


That certainly sounds good, but finding them, then effecting their escape is in reality very, very difficult, particularly if you want them out alive.  As I understand it, the entire island is a rats nest of bad guys all being helped by the local population.  Carpet bombing would likely kill the hostages as well as a lot of women and children as the hostages are frequently held in villages.  You go around killing women and children and the rest of the Muslim population might take a bit of offense to that, even though the locals are involved at some level.  If you really want to solve the problem you have to stop the motivation for the kidnappings...MONEY.  Stop paying ransoms and there will be NO motivation for any kidnappings.  Although, that too is easier said than done.

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BillH-I lived on Mindanao for several years to also include Davao and have spent a lot of time on samal Island.I clearly understand what would be involved in what I said in my post and os course I would not want innocents to be harmed.What pisses me off is how dysfunctional the

Philippines is on every level and yes I understand the evolution of why they are so dysfunctional.

Not paying ransom will not stop the kidnapping or killings these are worthless people who really have no cause and nothing better to do.They may play a game like they have a cause that they are fighting for but they don't.

Edited by Baywak
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let the USA take care of it



What an arrogant point of view  .  You  Sir obviously dont have the slightest idea about how international affairs work.  You might want to look up the term " sovereign nation" 

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