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Coming to Cebu


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Hey all,


I'm a 28 year old working offshore all over the world. Right now I'm based out of our Singapore office, and have been going to Thailand a lot on my free time. A lot of the guys on the vessels I work on are from all around the Philippines and are generally really cool guys. I figured it would be a waste to spend so much time in Asia and not see more of it, so after this hitch in November I'm going to check out Cebu for a few weeks.


A couple of the guys on the vessel I'm on right now live there so they can show me the local side. Just figured it would be good to get an ex-pat opinion on cebu as well, seeing as I'm from Texas (don't hold it against me! :))


I really am interested in getting a SCUBA certification, and I hear it's good in Cebu. Also interested in the nightlife and girls this area has to offer.


I look forward to my next adventure in Cebu!



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What's the time frame you are looking at being in Cebu? I'll be making my first trip there in Jan. If you're gonna be there around the same time maybe we can meet up for a cold one.


Either way, enjoy your trip.



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