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Crime in manila vs cebu


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Thanks for the reply. Interesting response, I'm wondering if you could elaborate on why crime in Manila is not as prevalent as in Cebu? 


By the way, mods, apologies if this veers too much off-topic -- feel free to create a new topic if warranted.






The mentality of the people is different from island to island. You'll find some provincial places with even more crime than cebu. My wife refuses to visit samar due to the crime from the locals. (More the mentality) .. Her father is from samar and owns a large amount of property there. All of the family is scared to visit and the property is now overrun by squatters.


When I was in cebu I ran across the mentality of people feeling justified in their actions. If someone could justify something to themselves then it was acceptable and not a crime. Instances of this that effected me personally were for an example, people jumping my fence and stealing food, kitchen utensils, etc. It was ok to steal from me because i'm a rich foreigner. I had the habit of asking people how much money they thought I made. Everyone thought I made millions of USD per year. They had incorrectly assumed that because their own economy was fecked up it was fecked up everywhere and that people all over the world made millions in whatever the currency was in the place they were from. So if you were american, you made millions of USD, if you were canadian, you made millions of CAD. Then these currencies convert at high levels so an american was a billionaire in pesos.


Just to give you an idea, my favorite pair of shorts were ripped to shreds and I was still wearing them. I would walk around outside with no shirt and shorts with holes in them. People still thought I was rich. Oh, and I was considered a "CIA" agent too.


There were also cases of more extreme crimes but they didn't happen as often. For example, there are cases of people and their families being slaughtered in home invasion robberies.


In manila, people aren't as stupid as those in the province about the reality of the world. When I ask people how much I make here, it's in the 10s or 100s of thousands. I'm no longer a millionaire of USD. As such, people are far less likely to steal from me because it's harder for them to justify the theft. Beyond that, I find much less of the mentality in the locals where if they can justify something it's acceptable. I find that people in manila are more of idealists than their provincial counterparts and more likely to stand up to wrong doing.


That said.... I find higher level crimes (kidnappings, abductions, ransom, murder, etc) to be more common place here. When people commit a crime, they know what they are doing is wrong. It's not justified in their head in the same was as in some provinces. I know of 1 person being killed within 2km of my house. There was also a case of a lady being kidnapped and taken to mindinao to withdrawl money from the bank which happened relatively close to my house.


I find the crime here largely against chinese and japenese (and filipinos of those descents) -- not against white / black foreigners in most cases.


Another big difference in manila is higher pay. Many of the people I would consider to be filipino friends make well beyond 50-60K pesos per month. Your average call center pay is up to around 30-35K/mo. 


So it's not really that there's more or less crime in manila -- just that the crime here is different in my opinion.

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"When I was in cebu I ran across the mentality of people feeling justified in their actions."


I love the way you put this hahahahahahahaahahah

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Locals don't respect foreigners nor do they fear them that is why its easier to rob a foreigner and accuse them of stuff.... ...  We don't suffer crime not because we are lucky but because my wife family are know in the area as not to get mad but to get even ,

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Locals don't respect foreigners nor do they fear them that is why its easier to rob a foreigner and accuse them of stuff.... ...  We don't suffer crime not because we are lucky but because my wife family are know in the area as not to get mad but to get even ,

We usually agree on a lot, but not in this circumstance...and so far I have usually only had to deal with Waray Waray, They do respect foreigners if the foreigner shows strength and respect for them...the locals here are very aware that steal here, die here, respect here get the same..has worked for five years, might have somebody try today but I doubt it...Waray Waray are known for their temper and being warriors, but that works in your favor as they respect strength also...and by strength I dont mean being an asshole, I mean always do what you say you will do

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The simple fact is that Filipinos in the metro areas (both Cebu and Manila) respect nothing and nobody. You have to remember that a large percentage of the population of both are relatively recent arrivals to the big city. That explains a lot of things. If you live on a farm in the provinces (rural areas), peeing against a tree is the natural thing to do...while in the city a wall will do. In the provinces, most people lived poor, but they could raise food, and weren't crowded by their neighbors...while in the city most new arrivals end up in squatter areas where there is no place to grow food and your neighbors are living on top of you...in appalling conditions. In the provinces, most people could find work even if it was menial farm work...while in the cities there is no work for the uneducated and very little work for the educated so people become idle and start thinking of other ways to make money (which isn't as important in the provinces). In the provinces, tuba and maybe a little Tanduay might provide some intoxication...while in the city they learn that Red Horse and Tanduay are the drinks of choice (in large amounts) but shabu (crystal meth) and Rugby (contact glue) allow you to forget everything else (even little kids huff Rugby from plastic bags here in Cebu Metro). Yeah, they give no respect because they get no respect from others...and in many cases they have no respect for themselves. With that, all kinds of bad things happen and are simply ignored.

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