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Solar products available in Cebu

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Interesting, so I thought I would share it but will VECO actually give compensation? 

A Japanese firm yesterday launched its line of solar-powered devices through its Philippine distributor  in Lapu-Lapu City.

The solar panels and LED lanterns are produced by Japanese firm Again Japan Information Inc.

The solar panels are designed in Japan and manufactured in South Korea, said Masato Nishiyama, Again Japan chief executive officer.

Each solar panel provides 250 watts of energy and can be used to power one airconditioning unit.

The solar panel also features a separate LED Lantern and a Mini Aton Charger.

The LED Lantern takes eight hours to charge and produces maximum light for up to 16 hours depending on its use.

It also automatically shuts down during night time and uses only nine watts of electricity. A normal LED light uses up to 60 watts per hour.

Nishiyama said the Mini Aton Charger, which has multiple USB ports, can be transformed into a LED lamp and a portable power bank that can last 12 to 16 hours.

Nishiyama said Metro Cebu households usually have a lot of open spaces where solar panels may be installed. Home owners can lower their electricity bills if they invest in solar panels and solar LED lanterns.

“Basically, any power company will give a compensation if you are producing more than your consumption in terms of electricity,” Nishiyama said.

- See more at: http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/68238/solar-products-available-in-cebu#sthash.NiEj3AFK.dpuf


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They will credit you but unlikely you will ever see cash compensation (though they are allowed by law to give you cash and required by law to credit you at minimum). The process to get net-metering setup is extensive to say the least.

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Nothing found for the company mentioned or the Mini Aton charger, via google. Maybe the reporter was bored and made it all up, especially when he says a normal led light uses up to 60 watts an hour!!!

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