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Short Singapore Holiday

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To celebrate my girl getting her passport (only took 7 weeks after paying the express fee), I took her on a short holiday to Singapore last weekend.


We flew with Tiger direct from CebSin, departing Friday afternoon and arriving 8:30pm that evening (3.5hour flight). Ticket cost was PHP14,432 (2 x round trip, no checked luggage) + PHP1620 departure tax + 2 x PHP750 terminal fee.


Cebu immigration departure was no great problem, The immigration office asked my girl (21yo) a few questions, she showed him our return ticket and hotel booking, and all was fine.


This was my girl's first flight. I had to explain all the noises to her and why the air was bumpy to travel in.


Arrived at Changi, cleared customs and immigration without incident and headed straight for the MRT station. We had intended on purchasing a two-day Singapore Tourist Pass (unlimited public transport travel for SGD16 [php515] each), however their office closed at 9pm so we just missed it.


I always keep some local currency of the countries that I visit, so we purchased our MRT tickets to Lavender (PHP55 each) and arrived at our hotel near Lavender MRT at about 10pm. We stayed at Hotel 81 Elegance, SGD295 (PHP9,500) for 3 nights in their standard room. The room was small but adequate, clean, and met our needs. I considered it reasonable value considering the location.


We slept in Saturday morning. Now my girl understands why I am so tired whenever I arrive home from overseas. We had breakfast at a local cantina before heading out for some much needed retail therapy (for her). We hit Orchard Road, first into the expensive fashion shops where my girl had fun using PHP1,500 lipstick and trying on VERY expensive clothes.


From the expensive fashion shops, we then went for some real shopping at Lucky Plaza. PHP5,000 poorer, we went to lunch and then returned to our hotel for a rest.


Later Saturday afternoon, we headed for Gardens by the Bay. Entry into the gardens is free, however access into the glass houses costs (about PHP1,000 each). Overall, we were not that impressed with the gardens.


That evening, we had dinner at a small but VERY good coffee shop near our hotel. Their smoked salmon pizzas (SGD12 each) are to die for.


Sunday morning we woke up early so that we could get to Singapore Zoo by 8:30am opening time. We travelled there by MRT and bus (about PHP150 each, each way. Entry into the zoo was about PHP1,000 each. Breakfast with the orang-utans was expensive at about PHP1,000 each, crowded and not good value.


We spent about 5 hours exploring the zoo. It was the highlight of my girl's holiday.


On the way home from the zoo, we called in again to Lucky Plaza for some last-minute retail therapy. Being a Sunday, the place was packed with Filipinas. Many of the Filipinas there would smile at me, then give my girl with a nasty look. My girl just smiled back and told me that they were just jealous.


Sunday evening we spent exploring some of the local shops around our hotel.


After a local breakfast on Monday, we took the MRT back to Changi and flew home.


This trip was not to fully explore Singapore. It was to give my girl a taste of what it's like to travel overseas. She wants to travel with me occasionally of some of my work trips.

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