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Well I said that I would come here and give some info about me so here goes.


I am 45 year old fart working in Korea but from the great state of Texas. I work here as a contractor for the U.S. Army here so you can guess I am a retiree. I work for General Dynmaics land Systems as a FSR for the M1 tanks here.

I was married for 24 years till she went south on me and with some great luck on my part I found a new wife and a new life with her. We have a 3 year old little girl and I have with the other 3 more kids that are all grown and doing well as adults.

My wife is from a little town in the Bicol region so as I said before I will most likey live on Luzon but I will be in Cebu oneday as it looks like a place that I should see. I have been in the PI twice now and will be back for a short vaction next month so I have a very limited time there (5 weeks in all till next month).

I joined to learn more about the PI from thouse that live or go there alot as I have learned that in this types of cases that the info you get from thouse that have been there and done that is so much better and more indeapth than what you can from other sourses.

Well I guess thats about it and as a side note this is a very good place to get that info I want and need to live a happy life one day there.


Jerry Ryals

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